Defeated mayoral challenger in Berlin pledges help

BERLIN — After losing the mayoral election, Sam Lomaglio thanked voters for their support and offered Mayor Mark Kaczynski his help in improving the town.

Lomaglio, a Republican endorsed by local Democrats, received 1,996 votes while Republican-endorsed Kaczynski garnered 3,392 votes, according to results.

“I just think that it was a hard-fought campaign on both sides but now it’s time to come together,” said Lomaglio. “He has some good ideas, I have some good ideas and we can work together to get the community moving forward.”

Lomaglio suggested the establishment of a $500,000 Business Relief Program — an incentive that would encourage businesses to make improvements.

Lomaglio, who most recently served four years as chairman of the Board of Finance, plans to stay active in local GOP politics. He believes he can help the town obtain grants for the upcoming Community and Senior Center project, which has been estimated at $35 million.

“I want to offer the mayor my and my team’s services to help get this project moving ahead,” said Lomaglio. 

In response to Lomaglio’s statement, Kaczynski said that as an elected official he welcomes ideas and advice of all residents. He has already served six years as mayor. 

“I want to thank the voters of Berlin for electing me to continue as your mayor for the next two years. I appreciate your continued support and confidence in me,” said Kaczynski.  “As your Mayor I will continue to represent all the residents of Berlin and will work together with my fellow councilors and all town entities to provide Berlin with the high-quality government service and education that you expect, while being fiscally responsible with your tax dollars.”

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