Mayor’s forum: Patterson Way project discussed

Mayor Mark Kaczynski spoke to residents regarding preliminary plans to bring a combined senior-community center to Patterson Way during two informational sessions on June 2.

The proposed complex would total 72,000 square feet and sit on nearly 11 acres of land near Berlin High School. The overall price tag of the senior-community center is estimated to be around $40 million, and some $2.5 million would be needed each year to maintain the building.

“It’s a very expensive project,” Kaczynski told residents. “This would cost the taxpayers a lot of money for this.”

“Right now the town doesn’t have that kind of money,” the mayor said.

“The town is already paying off previous, significant debts and this would only add to it.”

That’s one reason the concept of a public-private partnership between the town and the YMCA — with the Y paying for and running the facility — has been floated.

While the YMCA has made no formal proposal, Kaczynski said a conversation between the Town Council and the non-profit will take place in July.

The earliest that a referendum would be held regarding a combined senior-community center is April 2023.

Town Council member Jack Fazzino was glad to see a strong turnout at the June 2 informational sessions.

“Beyond the Town Council, it’s a really big decision to make,” said Fazzino, “and the more we hear from the people in the town, the more informed our decision is.”



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