Locals show off their creative side

Beginning back in May, Berlin residents were invited to create works of art as part of a community-wide project called My Hometown. A joint effort between the Town of Berlin and Berlin-Peck Memorial Library, the project aimed to get locals to paint, draw or use mixed media to show – on canvas – what Berlin means to them.

More than 300 small, blank canvases were distributed, and artists had until July 15 to bring their vision to life. On Aug. 1, the library hosted a reception where several dozen pieces of locally-made art were shown.

“These tiny art shows are something new that libraries are doing,” Berlin-Peck librarian Carrie Tyszka said. “I’m excited that we could bring it to Berlin.”

For the My Hometown library reception, approximately 50 works were on display.

Tyszka said when she looked closely at one piece of art depicting the Senior Center, she noticed that what she thought were cuttings from magazines were actually photos of local seniors.

Mayor Mark Kaczynski attended the art show, and was impressed with what he saw. “I can barely draw a stick figure," the mayor joked. "This is a wonderful event, and it's nice to showcase people’s talent.”

Local landmarks immortalized as part of the My Hometown art project included the library, Hubbard Elementary School, Dairy Queen, and many others. Of course, the Berlin Fair was highlighted as well.

Economic Development Director Chris Edge said he's "looking forward to doing more things with the arts in the coming year.” 



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