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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor



I was pleased that at the end of this year’s budget planning that it did not go as usual. It started out that way, but then something we never heard of before – COVID-19 – affected our country and everything else became less important.

When the Town Council unanimously voted to pass a zero mill rate increase to help our citizens, without much discussion, it showed that when things get “real” we all want the same thing. We just have different ideas how to get there.

I was disappointed to see the letter from Sam Lomaglio in the April 23 Berlin Citizen. I agree with what the BOF, Town Manager and Finance Director recommended, which is being fiscally responsible. This is what Mayor Kaczynski and Republican councilors said they would do if elected.

I was disappointed with the inferences made that the Town Council was going to use the financial hardships that so many are experiencing for political gain.

Our citizens are smart enough to realize the town needs money to run, and that’s mostly done through taxes. I bet the council members would have loved to defer it, but that’s not realistic.

I am delighted that Mayor Kaczynski and the council voted unanimously for fiscal responsibility.

Republicans are committed to doing what is best for Berlin without further burdening its citizens.

It’s a terrible situation our country is in, but it’s also good that we’ve all slowed down; families are having dinners together, and there’s less running around. I’m sad that our high school seniors won’t get to go to prom or play in championship games, but I hope they get to walk the stage to graduate.

Embrace the good you see, help each other and stay safe. Politics will always be here.

Sandra Coppola,
Chair, Berlin Republican Town Committee

Thanks,Mayor Mark


I would like to thank Mayor Mark Kaczynski for leading the Town Council in helping senior citizens in town by not increasing our taxes!

Living on a fixed income that does not increase at the same rate as the cost of living certainly has its challenges. We will not have any of our services cut and we don’t have to pay any more in taxes this year.

Meanwhile, our first responders are taken care of and now seem to have what they need to do their job. Also, I have read about the improvements that are being made to the police station without spending many millions on a new building.

With the cost of  everything else going up, such as groceries, medications and insurance, it is nice to know that we have people in our corner looking out for us. This give us some peace of mind during these scary times.

Thank you for focusing on bringing in new businesses, repairing our roads and keeping us safe.

Now is not the time to tax and spend or work on some pet project that is not necessary for the town.

Irene DiPace, Kensington