Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Stop the madness


As you enter this important election season, it’s important that we reflect back on Connecticut’s State Government prior to COVID-19 and remember the dire financial straits that multiple years of Democrat-controlled government has left us in. Billions of dollars in debt just from unfunded pension liabilities coupled with Connecticut ranking near the bottom of the country regarding economic growth makes it especially difficult for the state to retain and attract new businesses.

Stop the madness. Help create a conservative voice in Connecticut’s legislature. Vote for Sen. Gennaro Bizzarro, Donna Veach (30th District – House) and Lou Arata (83rd District – House). 

George Millerd



JoAnn Angelico-Stetson’s policy proposals prove that she is a different kind of Democrat. She’s focused on reducing property taxes for working families. She will work to create new jobs and revitalize the local economy. She will stop the implementation of tolls and support our police officers.

She will never take orders from anybody – especially party bosses and the Governor. JoAnn, more than anyone else I know, will always do what she believes is right.

On Nov. 3 I will be supporting JoAnn because she is fiercely independent and dedicated to finding common-sense solutions.

Julie Erickson

Green jobs 


Creating good jobs in Connecticut that address the health of the natural world is imperative. That’s why I’m voting for JoAnn Angelico-Stetson. A recent report by Yale School of Public Health describes disturbing trends in Connecticut's natural environment and their impact on our health. JoAnn knows that addressing climate change creates quality jobs that make our homes and businesses more energy efficient, expands access to inexpensive renewable energy and facilitates carbon-free transportation. She supports legislation that helps local companies become green economy leaders and employers as revered as our insurance, defense and technology companies!

Ray Hinchcliffe

Vote for decency


Understanding the old adage that all politics is local, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson embodies the spirit and decency that will restore the soul of America. Whether through her service to Berlin on the BOE or her many volunteer efforts, Joann has represented our town with common sense solutions that benefit all our residents, regardless of their political affiliation. A vote for JoAnn to represent the 30th House District is a vote for decency and the best of what we expect of public servants.

David Lerro

No thanks


Museum. Really? Do we need a non-tax paying assault on the bucolic Chamberlain Highway and its surrounding areas? Weekend Rambo types playing soldier on land that our parents and grandparents once farmed?

As a U.S. Army veteran (1967-1969), I say no. But that is exactly what would happen if the proposed Military Experience Museum gets its way. And face it, the word “museum” is a stretch – but, I suppose it’s as good a way as any to avoid paying local taxes.

Preserve what remains of the pastoral qualities of the Chamberlain Highway and its surrounding areas and show your opposition at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting today, Oct. 1, 7 p.m., or contact the Planning and Zoning Commission at Town Hall.  

Dan Hayden

JoAnn has my vote


I placed the last issue of The Citizen and the mailers from JoAnn Angelico-Stetson and Donna Veach out before me.

JoAnn’s encouraged getting involved in our community, preparing for COVID-19, rebuilding our economy, access to quality healthcare, quality education. The letters supporting her point toward a caring person with experience and the ability to do the job.

Then I looked through the others. Anarchy and rioting? Defunding the police? That’s not Berlin. I’m sure it isn’t Southington either.

I looked around my town and decided JoAnn has my vote. The future is not to be feared. Vote JoAnn Angelico-Stetson. 

Carol Yorker

No credibility


I’ve read Democrat candidate JoAnn Stetson’s recent statements. To me, a candidate has no credibility by speaking half-truths or taking credit where she’s had limited involvement.

JoAnn did not spearhead Berlin’s transit-oriented project. She hasn’t “written” town budgets; town and Board of Education department heads develop and prepare budgets.

JoAnn is now against tolls, when she voted against the town’s “No Tolls” resolution. She recently stated she favors tax relief when she has historically voted for higher taxes.

Is this someone you want to represent Berlin and Southington?

Republican Donna Veach doesn’t use deception and has my vote.

Andra Lou Millerd



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