Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Let’s do better


According to Yankee Institute, Connecticut employees earn 28 percent more than private sector employees, costing taxpayers $3.7 billion annually!

Those salaries are only made possible by taking taxes from working families. Any taxes paid by government employees are paid with your money.

Let’s do better. Entrenched legislators that continue the tax-and-spend mentality must be voted out. This isn’t a “my party vs. your party” thing. It’s a survival thing that transcends all parties. Cut out the waste.

Vote for Lou Arata and support law enforcement and a leaner, smarter government. Lou Arata will work for you!

Kris Bellemare

Big spender


If JoAnn Angelico-Stetson supports our police, why hasn’t she made any statements regarding the Police Accountability Bill?

The Berlin Democratic Town Committee stated that their candidate showed her support of the police by voting for a new police station, which was years ago.

And Berlin citizens voted down the police station due to cost ($21 million), additional/unaffordable debt load alongside a new high school, and a likely increase in taxes.

Her vote demonstrated a lack of concern for taxpayers. The more commonsense – and fiscally responsible decision – was for her to support the renovation of the current police station.

Corey S. Whiteside

Right on tolls


The issue of tolls will likely come up again. I feel confident that Donna Veach would never vote for tolls, because she has actively demonstrated her opposition.

At the 2019 Berlin Fair she collected petition signatures for the No-Tolls CT movement, and her opposition to tolls is part of her platform.

Donna has never flip-flopped on her opinion. She felt tolls were an additional tax burden on citizens prior to announcing her candidacy and before the pandemic. You can trust that she will not change her opinion on tolls after elected. 

Alex Giannone

Police ally


I am proud to support JoAnn Angelico-Stetson for State Representative of the 30th District. With all of the conversation about law and order, it is comforting to know that I can vote for a candidate who supports the funding of our law enforcement community, especially when it comes to increased and ongoing training throughout their careers.

Over her years in public service, JoAnn has also consistently supported the local police department in their effort to upgrade their facilities and provide modern working conditions. Her commitment is to make law enforcement better in every way.

Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez

Time for change


Are we tired of more taxes, less services and more deficits? One Democrat stated that we can do anything because the people of Connecticut keep voting us in office. I feel like Superman!

The Democrats will try to get highway tolls if they control the House and Senate, and will give everything to the state unions and more taxes to everyone else.

It is time for change! Vote for Republican Donna Veach and no to tolls.

Roland Robillard



I have just about had it with these Democrats and their shoddy performances. They promise you the moon, get elected, then completely do the opposite. I no longer trust them. They have made disasters of the big American cities they govern, and now the states. They don’t want peace, nor police, nor freedom for our people. They despise our Constitution and institutions. Time to vote them the heck out of every American office!

Deb Marturano

Fighting for us


As an experienced healthcare professional, I endorse JoAnn Angelico-Stetson for the State Legislature.

National politics put equitable healthcare at greater risk for many citizens. Consequently, I am concerned about the impact of this devastating pandemic on jobs, which affects the health insurance status of families and individuals.

JoAnn has experience from her two terms as a Town Council member, Economic Development Commission member and Board of Education member working collaboratively to ensure everyone has access to affordable, quality healthcare. 

COVID-19 has magnified the disparity of access to healthcare in America. I am voting for JoAnn Angelico-Stetson to fight for Connecticut families.

Nancy Peasley Driska

The smart choice


Voters in the 83rd district need Lou Arata as their state representative in Hartford. I have spoken with Lou several times and I can tell you that he will work to cut spending and lower taxes. He will vote against tolls. Lou will work for you, not the special interest groups.

We need Lou Arata to bring common sense back to Hartford. He is the smart choice to cut wasteful spending and challenge leadership to find real solutions. More taxes and tolls are not the answer.

Vote for Lou Arata by absentee or on Nov. 3.

George Wilson

Breath of fresh air


Lou Arata will bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stale legislature. We cannot keep voting for the same people who continue to increase our taxes and make it so difficult to get ahead in this state.

Cathy Abercrombie has voted for nearly every tax increase since she’s been in office, including being in favor of tolls. By definition, she is a career politician.

If you want your children and grandchildren to grow up, live and work in Connecticut, you need to vote for Lou Arata. This year, the future truly is in our hands.

Manny Santos

An embarrassment


I was troubled by the way a letter regarding state representative candidate JoAnn Angelico-Stetson was labeled by The Berlin Citizen. The writer is entitled to his opinion, but to quote a comment he made in the body of his letter as the “tag line” is irresponsible and comes across as politically slanted. I’m not a Democrat and I’ve not met Ms. Angelico-Stetson, but what’s right is right. It was a “Giant embarrassment” to professional journalism in my opinion.

Joe McGowan

He’s thereal deal


I like Lou Arata. He’s the real deal and not a rubber-stamp-voting politician. Lou questions to find solutions, not new taxes or more fees. We don’t need more of that in our lives.

Lou Arata will work to cut unnecessary spending, because he understands that we can’t tax our way out of Connecticut’s fiscal crisis.

Vote for Lou Arata for State Representative on your absentee ballot or in0person on Nov. 3.

Siobhan Bazinet

Taxed enough


I’m voting for Lou Arata for State Representative from the 83rd District. His opponent has been in Hartford for eight terms and done nothing to lower our taxes. Enough! She’s voted her party line and with Gov. Malloy and Gov. Lamont over 96 percent of the time and raised our taxes.

It’s easy to fund every program if you don’t care where the money comes from.

Lou Arata is the smart choice to cut the wasteful spending and challenge leadership to find solutions, not new taxes.

Lou will fight for the middle class and to control spending.

Jennifer Easter



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