Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Oppose extremism 


Democrats have gone extreme left. They won’t stop violent rioting mobs, but will defund police, take away your right of self defense, ban church and deny you from attending a funeral. They support pushing everyone into Medicare, higher taxes, tolls, banning fossil fuel, early release of felons, “free” college, oppressive cancel culture, open borders, and packing the Supreme Court.

We need sane people in public office. People like candidates Len Suzio, Lou Arata and Mike Skelps. They will oppose this extremism and defend our rights and safety. They will support the police, lower taxes, and return us to a booming economy with record employment and wages.

E. Barbour

Straight shooter


I have known Lou Arata for six years. He is a straight shooter. I have never detected an agenda from Lou; except his wanting to do the right thing for the taxpayers of Connecticut. If anyone thinks the last eight months have been trying (and they have), wait until Cathy Abercrombie and her fellow Dems get back to Hartford. The masks they wear have another use: “Stick ‘em up and send us more of your money!” Vote for Lou Arata.  

Mike Juhase

Fine young men


The 2020 BHS football seniors have had their season pulled out from under their feet. The reasons can be debated, but for 17- and 18-year-old young adults, they just want to play a game they love with their friends. Many have been playing since kindergarten and started with flag football.

Despite their own disappointment, these young men have continued their commitment to Berlin football by being leaders in the community; volunteering their time on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings to Berlin’s first, second and third grade flag football program. With many young eyes looking up to them, this group of seniors has shown leadership and positivity. I am proud to have my son respect these young men.

Unfortunately, their names may not get in the paper for their play on the field this fall, but it certainly should for what they are doing with our town youth.

Thank you to Justin Skates, Nick Melville, Nick Jutras, Joe Caracoglia, Josh Bois, Trevor Miano, John McGeever and Michael Barnat. You are a group of fine young men and should be applauded.

John Paul Demko
Berlin flag football

Vote Republican


We are now entering into the spookiest time of the year. The time of empty, ghostly forms posing as state representatives, coming out to fill our mailboxes with written treats of shallow accomplishments and ghastly promises of things yet to come. And tricking you into believing they represent you, work for you, and have your best interest at heart.

Higher taxes, tolls, payments for illegals and destruction of our police force. Now, that’s scary!

Cathy Abercrombie believes in these policies. We need to put these issues to rest.

On Nov. 3, vote Republican. Vote Lou Arata for State Representative.

Joan Veley



The 2020 campaign season gives few chances to meet our candidates. Everyone is social distancing and learning new ways to reach out. I have looked up JoAnn Angelico-Stetson’s candidate page and have spoken to her by phone. She was quite open to listening to my concerns. Now I have a pretty good idea of who and what I can expect when she becomes our State Representative. Her caring and thoroughness, willingness to learn and ability to take stands are all there. I will be voting for JoAnn for 30th District State Representative.

Maura Chasse

Change is needed


Now that we are in the COVID-19 era, and soon to be post-COVID-19 era, Connecticut needs a change from irresponsible Democrat policies of the past. We need new, fiscally-responsible leaders to guide us through what will be a challenging new normal. We cannot afford to keep sending tax-and-spend Democrats to Hartford.

I was the Republican candidate for State Representative, 30th district, in 2018. I urge everyone that voted for me, as well as anyone who supports lower taxes and reduced state spending, to support Republicans Donna Veach and Lou Arata for State Representative and Gennaro Bizzaro for State Senator in November.

Mike Gagliardi



It is my honor to endorse Cathy Abercrombie for the 83rd House District. Ms. Abercrombie has shown compassion, determination and integrity throughout her tenure in office. She works on behalf of all people, leaving politics aside, to do what is the right thing and will thus accomplish more for the citizens of our state. Please join me in voting for Cathy Abercrombie on Nov. 3.

Karen Pagliaro

Voting Veach


Connecticut is the second highest taxed state. When we choose our next State Representative, we must feel confident they will not vote for additional taxes, and Donna Veach is that candidate.

The Democrat, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson, will vote for taxes, as demonstrated in past votes and statements. In the 2018 and 2019 budget vote, as a town councilor, she voted against budget cuts. She said that a 1.1 mill increase is not a huge financial burden, and nobody gets something for nothing.

Susan Bordonaro



This time JoAnn Stetson is misleading voters by taking credit for writing Town of Berlin budgets. On her website she states, “I have helped write numerous balanced budgets that were financially sound.”

Town budgets are developed in detail by department heads who are accountable for those budgets. As a town councilor, JoAnn only has a vote on the budget that she claims she helped write.

Why does JoAnn feel she has to mislead voters?

My vote is with Republican Donna Veach, who has had actual experience developing and writing budgets in her business career and understands what it is to be fiscally responsible.

Sal Bordonaro



I’m disappointed to see Donna Veach does not respond to constituent questions or concerns on Facebook, via email, or telephone calls. Myself and several friends have reached out with questions regarding her stance on: state budget, gay marriage, non-profit funding and COVID-19 relief, with no response. Donna also did not show up to the Chamber of Commerce debate. She apparently thinks she's above answering constituents' and business owners' questions.

We need responsive leadership in Hartford. That's why I will vote for JoAnn Angelico-Stetson for State Representative. JoAnn shows real leadership and concern for constituents.

Kristin Campanelli

She’ll stand with us


Since our state has been under Democratic control we have seen taxes increase, spending increase and many businesses and families leave the state. This can be changed but it needs to start with you, on Nov. 3. Donna will be the person who will stand up for you and not follow leadership blindly. She will support a balanced budget, our police and will not support tolls, now or in the future. Her Democrat opponent has changed her stance on several topics to conform to public opinion to get elected. However, they will change back if she is elected. Vote Veach!

Sandra Coppola,
Berlin Republican Town Committee chair

Strong support


I am writing in strong support of Donna Veach to represent Southington and Berlin in the 30th House District in our state legislature. Donna is a strong supporter of the Berlin Police Department on the Town Council and, in fact, both the Southington and Berlin police unions endorsed her. She will work hard to make sure our police officers are not asked to do their jobs with one hand tied behind their backs, as ridiculous, recently-passed laws have done. Donna will protect the brave men and women that protect us. Vote Veach on Nov. 3.

Steven Wilson
Berlin Police Commission, vice chair

Stop the bleeding


Donna Veach is a person of integrity, morality and strong conservative values. She knows what it takes to balance a budget, negotiate across the table and when to compromise. Democrats are of the mindset that you must do things their way, no compromise. That is why our state is in the mess it is in. Republicans are the minority and are not given a seat at the table. This can change, starting with you, on Nov. 3. Donna will be your voice of reason in Hartford. Stop the bleeding from our state – from both businesses and families leaving. 

Patrick Wilson

JoAnn is ready


I like to elect leaders I know will get things done. That is why I am endorsing JoAnn Angelico-Stetson as our representative in the State House. JoAnn’s extensive experience in business coupled with her years of local service hold her in good stead when it comes to getting things done when it counts most.

Working alongside JoAnn on the Town Council, I have seen that she has what it takes to keep our district at the forefront of importance, navigating the halls of the capitol for the betterment of Berlin and Southington.

Vote JoAnn Angelico-Stetson Nov. 3.

Mike Urrunaga
Town Councilor  



The finances of Connecticut are in such a man-made mess, we have to urgently make significant changes in the people representing us in the state legislature. We all get jaded and skeptical about politicians, but there is a wonderful woman running to represent Southington and Berlin in the 30th District. Donna Veach is an ethical, principled, intelligent person currently on the Berlin Town Council. Join me in voting to make this no-nonsense conservative dynamo our new voice in Hartford. 

Dr. Jayne Cluett

Arata’s a fighter


I am writing in support of Lou Arata’s run for the 83rd House seat in the Connecticut legislature. Truth and transparency in government are the cornerstones of his campaign.

Lou will fight for the citizens of the 83rd District, not for party leadership.

Guy DeFrances, Jr.

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