Police commissioner to drivers: ‘Slow down, keep focused’

Police commissioner to drivers: ‘Slow down, keep focused’


Traffic changed significantly for everyone recently: school is open again, kids are everywhere and the buses are slowing your morning commute.

It’s time again for all drivers to be extra vigilant; there are children in great numbers on the roadsides of your morning route to work. They can be playing with phones and earpieces and be as distracted as many adult drivers.

Watch out for them. Do not count on them seeing you, ever! You are the adult, and you are the one driving the 4,000-pound car. Your situational awareness should be on high alert; kids can dart out of anywhere and most of us driving to work already have a lot on our minds.

All of your work problems will seem pretty insignificant, however, if that distraction leads to someone getting hurt. Slow down, keep focused on your surroundings and leave the phone out of your hands. Don’t get frustrated by the buses, leave a few minutes earlier and avoid them if you can. And remember, the flashing red lights on a school bus means traffic stops at a safe distance in both directions. That is a very, very expensive ticket that you do not want.

Your Berlin Police Commission (Chairman Paul Eshoo, Joe Annunziata, Ryan Zelek, Dave Rogan and myself) works closely with Chief John Klett and our dedicated Police Officers to keep everyone, young and old, safe.

We can’t do it without the help of everyone driving a vehicle in our town. Please help make and keep Berlin safe for our children.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Steven K. Wilson is vice chairman of the Berlin Police Commission.