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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Our town is safe


The Democrats are telling you that the safety of residents is at risk. This is incorrect.

These are the facts.

Mayor Mark is concerned about the safety of our citizens. Over the past four years the following safety items have been funded: New equipment for the police and fire station radio and dispatch center, NextGen software for the police department, and new police cruisers, fire and snow plow trucks.

In our schools, funding was provided for a School Safety Director, armed security guards, bollards and shatter-proof security vestibules.

Dave Rogan
Police Commissioner

Roads being paved


In Stephen Anderson’s recent Letter to the Editor, he claims that Mayor Mark has failed to maintain our streets. Here are the facts.

Mayor Mark and the Republican town councilors implemented a 20-year road paving plan, with five miles of road being paved each year. Since the start of this plan, they have honored their commitment.

The previous Democratic administration had no plan and didn’t appropriately address road paving.

Mayor Mark has always taken a responsible approach towards meeting the town’s and citizens’ needs while being considerate of the impact of tax increases.

Vote Republican on Nov. 5.

Susan Bordonaro

Taxed enough


At the April 2 Town Council meeting Mayor Kaczynski asked councilors for their opinion on Berlin submitting a position against tolls.

Republican Councilor Paonessa stated, “In addition to the financial impact of tolls on residents, traffic may build up on local streets and become a safety hazard.” He continued, “We owe it to our residents to pass a ‘no tolls’ resolution.”

Conversely, Democratic Councilor Pagliaro, a candidate for mayor, said regarding tolls, that there’s no definite plan in place and that we need more info.

Really? We all know the plan; another huge tax burden for working families.

Pagliaro’s no vote confirms her continued support of higher taxes.

Tim Grady

Keep Berlin strong


This upcoming election offers only one mayoral candidate that will help keep Berlin strong, provide excellent services, while confirming your voice is heard. That choice is Mark Kaczynski.

Democrat council member, now mayoral candidate, Karen Pagliaro, supported budget increases that would have resulted in tax increase of at least 5.3 percent or higher!

By being responsible, Mayor Mark achieves a balance, allowing the town to pay down ignored obligations.

The Republican Town Council has been able to improve the town’s financial standing, making it more inviting to businesses.

Stabilizing our tax base, attracting businesses makes Berlin strong.

Nov. 5, vote Republican.

Anne Reilly
Chairperson, Berlin RTC

Your vote matters


Berlin taxes increased again.

The first referendum result was 359 yes votes to 214 no. The second referendum was 829 yes votes to 640 no. Turnout was low.

Voters actually rejected a lower budget in the first vote. The municipal budget was cut $400,000 and put into the Board of Education budget, yet the revised budget was still higher.

Now it seems we have a $2.8 million surplus. The money is already accounted for and spent.

We need officials that spend money responsibly. Please vote. It matters.

Simone Fazzio

Vote for change


As the election comes into focus for this year, I would like townspeople to consider the annual fiasco of the Republican mayor’s and Republican council members’ proposed budgets.

Repeatedly, the Berlin Republicans have actively campaigned to defeat their own budgets at referendum. It comes as no surprise that their proposed budget this year was defeated by Berlin voters.

It appears that Berlin residents can agree on two things – that Berlin Fair Friday is a major holiday, and that the current Republican mayor and council have no clue how to develop a budget to govern our community.

This November look out for what’s best for Berlin. Vote for a change. 

Kathy O'Donnell-Moss