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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Vote for change


This November we have a clear choice. 

Instead of a mayor who misleads the public, we can vote for Karen Pagliaro, who has a reputation for truth and honesty.

Instead of a mayor who places politics ahead of what’s best for Berlin, Karen has always placed the interest of Berlin first.

A vote for Karen Pagliaro is a vote for a thoughtful, respectful public servant who cares deeply about our community, and who welcomes the voices of all Berlin residents.

The choice is an easy one. I’m voting for change. I’m voting for a better Berlin. I’m voting for Karen.

Gary Brochu

Re-elect Zelek


Please vote for Ryan Zelek for the Police Commission. Ryan is a selfless (as opposed to a self-aggrandizing other candidate with signs all over town), dedicated and conscientious young man.

He is a graduate of Berlin High and the University of Hartford, where he majored in economics and finance. He is a successful businessman with a terrific wife!

The police officers deserve to have commissioners like Ryan in their corner, as do all the residents of Berlin.

Again, please re-elect Ryan to the Police Commission.

Jim McNair

Pro-tax party


Democrats confirmed they are in favor of tolls and more taxes when they voted against a resolution declaring “Berlin is against tolls!” 

They say more information is needed. Why is that? A toll is another tax, no matter what shape it comes in. 

It’s apparent the Democrats are following the lead of another Democrat, Berlin’s state representative Joe Aresimowicz, who said municipalities are moronic for passing a resolution on something they don’t know the details of.

We don’t need to know more than this: a toll is a tax. 

Democrats must enjoy taxing you and spending your money! Vote Republican.

Lou Arata

Vote Row B


I am excited to take on the interim role of Chair for the Berlin Republican Town Committee.

Republicans have made a positive impact in the town, while being fiscally conservative. We inherited past debt, an underfunded pension, bridges and a dam that have for far too long been neglected.

In addition, we upgraded the communication system for our first responders which was in need of an overhaul.

Our goal is to continue to maintain the AAA bond rating that we achieved through our fiscal responsibility. We will continue to work with the Economic Development Commission and town departments to welcome new businesses to town.

Vote Row B Nov. 5.

Sandra Coppola
Chairperson, Republican Town Committee

Simple choice


Do you want more for spending in schools and in town? Vote Democrat.

If you want less spending and less taxes, vote Republican.

Republicans raise taxes 2-3 percent, as Democrats raise taxes 5-6 percent. If you don't believe this, just check what the state has done the past nine years.

The Democrats have recently passed prepared food tax, the parks tax on car registration, and the 12-week Paid Family Leave Act. And they’re still trying to get tolls.

It’s your choice. More services with more taxes, or less or the same services and less taxes. This is as simple as it gets.

Roland Robillard

Lack of courage


I totally disagree with Karen Pagliaro that passing a resolution against tolls was a waste of time. Doing so would have sent a loud and clear message to the legislators we elected to represent us that we are against tolls.

How many residents of Berlin rely on I84 and I91 to get to work? Tolls are just another tax that hits the middle class hard.

The waste, Karen, was doing nothing and not being our voice. Our Democrat councilors’ (Party of Lamont) myopic view of the situation demonstrates a lack of courage and leadership.

Vote Mark for Mayor.

Andra Lou Millerd

More stores?


Who has the bright idea to build more stores in Berlin. Don’t we have enough empty one’s along Farmington Avenue, starting with Depot Crossing in front of the Kensington Fire Deptartment. That was never rented since being build a few years ago.

Main Street also has a couple empty buildings. Now that Family Dollar moved on the other side of the street in Webster Square there are three or four places for rent.
Just how many more empty buildings do we need?

Mary Jane Mason

Look onthe bright side


Sometimes businesses fail because they can’t compete with online shopping or big box stores, insufficient support from citizens, bad business decisions or problems with the landlord. 

A business may move to consolidate operations, such as Jensen Fabricating Engineers, or may need a larger location, such as Berlin Fare Restaurant. 

High rent prevent businesses from moving in, such as the old Ferndale Market. 

The town offers incentives to keep businesses in town, such as the tax abatement and facade program, but has no control over the circumstances mentioned above. 

At least the property tax is collected! 

Donna Veach

Solid commission


My name is Paul N. Eshoo, chairman of the Berlin Police Commission. Presently, we have five members who are committed to Berlin police officers, the Berlin Police Department and to the safety and welfare of Berlin in a non-partisan way.

Please vote for Steven Wilson, David Rogan and Ryan Zelek. The commission doesn’t need any change at this time. I have faith in the experience and knowledge of our present commissioners.

So vote for the what’s best for Berlin. Vote for those mentioned above. Thank you.

Paul N. Eshoo



Kudos to Mayor Mark and key town employees for collaborating on ways to make Berlin more business-friendly and attracting new businesses.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has also adopted changes to their regulations and the town’s zoning maps.

Example: The owner of MC Barber Academy applied for an amendment which was approved by P & Z. The amendment allows special permits for vocational schools to open.

Another business-friendly tool the town uses is the new seven-year tax abatement plan. Many businesses have taken advantage of it.

These changes and incentives are instrumental in attracting new businesses to town.

Alex Giannone