Letters to the Editor

Think it through


The application before Planning and Zoning for development at 1676 Berlin Turnpike, Berlin Bungalows, runs contrary to the goals, policies and values mandated in Berlin’s Plan of Conservation and Development and thus, should not be approved.

The plan stresses the importance in deciding what development should occur when land is available. It emphasizes the limited amount of such land, and stresses that a serious analysis be conducted prior to approval, as the land will not be available again once a decision to build is made.

The outcome not only affects the visual appeal of an area, town services and schools, but, more importantly, impacts the tax base.

Briefly, the proposed location raises a number of issues. This land is situated on a main thoroughfare and provides access to major transportation routes and consumer traffic. It is a prime location for a tax-generating business, and should be slated for commercial, industrial or office technology to foster job growth and greater financial prosperity for the town.

Residential development prevents the achievement of the strategic goal of growing businesses on the Turnpike and building a strong commercial corridor. The focus must be on the bigger picture.

The frequency of exit traffic onto the Turnpike by residents will cause further delay in traffic flow and create potential safety issues.

Lastly, the plot size — 1.899 acres – is not sufficient for the 20 units (16 singles and two duplexes). This many “bungalows” on this limited acreage sets a precedent for similar development in other areas of town.

Costs of services to support these residential units far outweigh any gain. To forego the opportunity to use this land in the most profitable way lacks the tenets of good planning and development. We need to make wise decisions now for long term growth.

Catherine Lapollo

Fed up


Am I the only one that is pretty much fed up with hearing about the “virus” every waking hour? Now, every week, in The Citizen, front page news is, guess what? The “virus”! Every other article is, the “virus.” Is this how small our lives have become? Or is there a more nefarious reason for all this hype?

We get it already, “virus” bad. But we are more than a “virus.”

Can we please find something else to talk about?

Deb Marturano


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