Clinic had precious time to celebrate anniversary

Clinic had precious time to celebrate anniversary

On Aug. 29, 2015, Dr. Thomas Brown never would have imagined his vision of Kathy’s Urgent Care would turn into a community testing center for a global pandemic.

Brown grew up in Connecticut and completed his undergraduate degree here, at Wesleyan University, before attending medical school in Dublin, Ireland.The clinic is named after his mother, Kathy Brown, who was one of the most compassionate and kind people you could ever meet.

The doctor has three brothers and two sisters, which made for a very active childhood. One could argue Kathy’s Urgent Care was actually started by his mom responding to their many sports-related injuries and childhood knocks and bruises. Her compassion and desire to help all in need planted the seed which Dr. Brown nurtured and grew.

One of the cornerstones of Kathy’s Urgent Care is to provide access to medical treatment for all. Brown envisioned a place where anybody would be comfortable walking through the doors and receiving the care they need, for any reason. He wanted to serve the greater community and spread the compassion he grew up with.His mother, unfortunately, passed away before the clinic was ever opened, but Kathy’s care lived on through Kathy’s Urgent Care.

Five years later, what should have been a giant celebration, turned to 12-hour days, 7 days a week responding to our global pandemic. When the community needed access to testing, Dr. Brown mobilized Kathy’s Urgent Care to respond. He vetted the current tests and took the steps to secure a variety of tests to meet patients’ varied needs. Currently, they use RAPID 15-Min SOFIA SARS test, PCR Traditional lab-test, and the Anti-body blood draw test.

The demand has been overwhelming, and every day cars fill the parking lot before the doors even open. As a result, new staff was recruited and trained, a valet service was hired to help stage the cars, lab equipment was bought to read tests in the clinic, and the processes are changing frequently to better process and serve. The Wethersfield location was seeing 200 cars per day for the last two months, which resulted in an unprecedented 6,000 tests per month, giving critical information to the community and the people the clinic serves. Adding the additional service of mass testing hasn’t been easy, but the response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive. So many individuals have benefited from this service.

True to the nature of Kathy’s Urgent Care staff, they are all determined to provide walk-in urgent care while also running the testing center in the parking lot. People still need access to walk-in services like school physicals, vaccinations, checking tick bites, injuries, prescriptions for medicine, certification for CT Medical Marijuana Program, and a host of other conditions.

According to the Small Business Association, only half of all businesses survive to the five-year mark. It is rare in today’s economic environment to find small, family-owned walk-in clinics. Each and every patient makes a difference for this business, and Dr. Brown and his staff want everyone to know how much they appreciate the opportunity to help you.

Kathy’s Urgent Care has a clinic in Wethersfield, 672 Silas Dean Hwy; and in Berlin, 175 Webster Square Road. For more information, visit

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