BOE commentary: Facts for consideration

BOE commentary: Facts for consideration


The Berlin Board of Education offers the following facts for consideration:

Board of Education
Annual Budget

The BOE is required to either spend its entire allocated budget or return the unspent funds to the town.

An unspent $443,590 was returned to the town last year from the BOE.

Berlin ranks 65th based on wealth and 106th based on educational funding which is $1,786 less than the state average.

CHOICE Program

131 CHOICE students out of a total of 2,803 students or 4.67 percent.

Berlin determines the number of students and grade level that we accept; thus not requiring the hiring of additional staff.

The current funding received by BPS is $8,000 per student, provided that we remain at or above 4 percent. These funds are used to pay teacher salaries to offset the operational budget.

All expenditures above the $8,000 per student (e.g., a student with special needs who requires additional services) are reimbursed by Hartford.

Contract Settlements

Teacher and administrator contracts are settled at or below the state average every three years and are tied to binding arbitration. Berlin teachers are paid an average of $77,787 while the state average is $78,676.

Berlin administrators pay the highest health insurance premium cost in the state. Both the teachers and administrators pay a higher percentage for their health insurance than town employees, for less coverage.

Superintendent’s salary is $48,000 less than the previous superintendent.

School District

Highest SAT scores in our DRG in Math and fourth in Reading and Writing

Willard named a School of Distinction by the CT State Department of Education

Advanced Placement Award – First Women’s Diversity

School Improvements and Equipment (Building & Site and Capital Equipment)

Both of these accounts do not reside in the BOE Operational Budget but are part of the Town Budget.

The town did not accept any of the Building and Site or Capital Equipment requests made by the BOE and submitted with the BOE Budget.

Student Population
and Staff

Population is expected to stabilize over the next 10 years

Reductions made over the last 5 years:

-22 Teachers

-2 Administrators

-1 Custodian

-2.5 Secretaries