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Pop-up cemetery coming to meeting house lawn

Halloween-themed cemetery tours abound this time of year, but none is quite like the free pop-up tour produced by Berlin Historical Society on the lawn of the Worthington Meeting House.

The ghost of the Old Leatherman is expected to arrive in town and will be looking for a meal. You may be sharing sarsaparilla and donuts with him.

Town Clerk Arthur Woodruff and his wife, Louise, were neighbors just north of the Meeting House when it was Worthington School.

Some folks report visions of Arthur in a proper suit, riding his bicycle to work at the old town hall.

Prudence Punderson Rossiter, who lived nearby, entreats us to hear her story. It could well be the subject of a mini-series costume drama. Her legacy is an embroidered portrait now worth $1 million.

These spirits and others will tell their stories on Saturday, Oct. 27. Tours start at 1, 1:30 and 2 p.m. Rain date is Sunday, Oct. 28. Call Nancy Moran at 860-416-1568 to reserve a spot. 

The unique event extends from the Meeting House lawn at 723 Worthington Ridge to the lawn and garden behind (725). We are raising a pop-up cemetery of replicated gravestones. These stones, created by our artist member, Janice Jacobs, are so realistic that visitors asked how we ever got permission to borrow them from local cemeteries.

At the end of the tour, refreshments and Berlin Cemetery Guide booklets will be available for purchase. Music will be provided by The Ringtones and by local musicians, Clemens Henning and Amar Singh.

Lorraine Stub is Berlin Historical Society secretary.


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