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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Check the record

To the editor:

Joe Aresimowicz’s campaign signs state: “Father, Coach, Veteran.”

Let’s think about what Joe’s record shows.

Joe’s silent about his record, which reflects his dismal disregard for growth in Connecticut businesses and our wallets. Businesses are saddled with crippling taxes that he and his buddy Malloy enacted. Their actions sent businesses, seniors and young people fleeing from Connecticut.

Joe doesn’t want to run on his record because he knows you won’t like it. The two highest tax increases in Connecticut, the two largest spending bills in Connecticut. All under Joe’s watch as majority speaker.

Joe’s job in the House is to represent the people, but his allegiance is to the unions.

Joe’s worked very hard for higher increases for union salaries and bonuses, with little regard for how to pay for the costs.

These actions confirm Joe doesn’t represent the best interest of the citizens that elected him.

To keep Joe as a state representative will lead to greater financial catastrophe for Berlin and Connecticut residents.

We must do better if we want Connecticut to regain our footing. We need new leadership. We can’t have growth and tax relief under Joe’s watch.

It’s time to say goodbye to Joe Arsemiowicz. Don’t vote for someone because you think you know him. Vote on his record. Joe’s record has hurt all of Connecticut.

Vote Steve Baleshiski and bring financial stability and financial conservatism to the House.

Anne Reilly

Chairman, Berlin RTC

Joe must go

To the editor:

Did you know liberal Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz never saw a tax increase he didn’t like

Dan Malloy and Speaker Aresimowicz are a match made in tax heaven.

Did you know that with Gov. Malloy’s approval Joe voted for both of the largest tax increases in Connecticut’s history? These tax increases dwarfed the “temporary” state income tax we all suffer with today.

Here is Speaker Joe’s response for voting yes to both of the largest tax increases in Connecticut’s history: “Yes, I have. But, I have also insisted that every program, every agency, every line-item funded by taxpayers be justified and held accountable.”

Well, with a billion dollar deficit it’s undeniable that Joe isn’t being “accountable.” Speaker Aresimowicz clearly has a spending problem. Does taking more tax dollars from you make you and your family better off? 

With one hand, Joe claims to bring in dollars to Berlin and Southington but with the other he’s taking dollars out of your pocket.

What’s Joe’s solution to the billion dollar deficit? Tolls. Tolls that will take another $500 to $700 out of your pocket annually.

Evidentially, Speaker Joe feels Connecticut doesn’t have a tax problem but a revenue problem. 

People and corporations are leaving Connecticut. Recently General Electric waved good-bye to the state. Instead of assuming a leadership role, Joe chose to make a joke out of GE’s departure.

Should we have to accept this nonchalant, arrogant attitude from our representatives? 

A vote for Joe is a vote for continuing Malloy’s destructive policies. Don’t let it happen. 

Voters, Joe needs to go. Remember this November.  

Scott Veley


We deserve better

To the editor:

The economy is booming everywhere except Connecticut. Why is this? Could it possibly have something to do with Connecticut’s $70 billion deficit? (Includes Connecticut pension obligations.)

In spite of taxpayers being saddled with the two largest tax increases in our state’s history, businesses are still closing their doors, pulling up stakes and leaving in droves. Our neighbors, seniors and college students are packing up and moving to thriving, friendlier tax states.

Where are our state representatives in this mess? Where is Joe Aresimowicz? Where is Cathy Abercrombie?

They’re in Hartford chumming around with our failed governor, trying to calculate how to waste another $10 million on ramming toll booths down our throats.

Connecticut, wake up. Don’t we deserve better? Isn’t it time we have representatives that truly represent us? Let’s show the career politicians the door.

Remember this Nov. 6 – Joe Needs to go. Tell him to take Cathy Abercrombie with him.

Vote Republican. Vote for Steve Baleshiski and Lou Arata. It is time we take back Connecticut.

Joan Veley


Fresh face needed 

To the editor:

I am excited about the young man, Steve Baleshiski from Southington, who is running against Joe Aresimowicz this November to represent most of Berlin and part of Southington in the state legislature.

Joe has been there for quite awhile and has worked hand-in-glove with Gov. Malloy to increase our taxes and increase state spending. It’s time for representation that works for all of us, not just those who happen to be in state unions or are state contractors. Let’s take every citizens’ well-being into account, not just the chosen few.

And please, let’s stop borrowing money to pay for silly things to pander for votes, like $750,000 to “study” the idea of a senior center we can never afford to build. Can we redirect that to rehabilitate our police station, please.

Let’s get a fresh young face up in Hartford, Steve Baleshiski, who will treat tax money as if it is ours (because it is!) and stop the crazy ideas already in the pipeline, like tolls on our roads and more empty busways. 

Steven Wilson


Facts are facts

To the editor:

George, you missed the point in my commentary. I defended the educational system and its teachers after they were rudely insulted in a letter to the editor.

To this day, the majority council, the Mayor, and others, have not stood up for Berlin education.

As far as a zero tax increase, we have discussed it word for word in letters to the editor. Your opinion of what zero is might be different than mine but you did mention a flat tax in your letter.

As far as the council working diligently to try to decipher how to handle cuts from the state, you should know better than to make a comment such as this. It’s not the job of the council but rather the job of the Board of Finance to decide how to balance the budget.

The BOF struggled with this budget not due to state cuts but rather due to the irresponsibility of the council to not have purchased millions of dollars of capital items that the town needed and that were put on hold for three years. 

George, it is obvious that when you and the BRTC do not agree with possible solutions to a problem, then you attack the messengers.

I will continue to be a vocal advocate for the residents and tax payers of this town.

Politics are politics. Facts are facts.

Sam Lomaglio

Board of Finance