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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor



To the editor:

Dan Malloy and the Democrats have devastated our state with tax increases, increased debt and costly union contracts. Just ask Joe Aresimowicz, who’s been right by Malloy’s side supporting Connecticut’s demise.

Joe, a union leader, sides with the unions and their costly contracts that increase our taxes.

Connecticut businesses and individuals are moving out; can’t afford to stay in this state. It’s time for a change if there’s any chance of a future for our children in Connecticut.

Vote in November and support Steve Baleshiski as our state representative, a young conservative Republican that will look out for your pocket.

Sal Bordonaro

Enough is enough

To the editor:

Well, there you have it folks. Straight from Mr. Lomaglio himself. We can vote no to any and all tax increases and it won't matter to him. We will have an increase anyway. Nevermind staying within a budget, cutting spending or, heaven forbid, cutting out anything at the BOE.

Nope. We will just have to shell out more and more, year after year. That's responsible? I hate to tell you what would become of my personal finances if I did that. I would be bankrupt in short order.

Mr. Lomaglio, where does it end? When do the voters get to actually be heard?

Deb Marturano