Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Children’s champions

To the editor:

I am enthusiastically supporting Gary Brochu and Adam Salina for the Berlin Board of Education. We are fortunate to have candidates of their caliber and dedication.

I previously served with Gary on the board. He cares deeply about the quality of education for all students and has advocated fairly and passionately for students, families, teachers and administrators.

Adam has deep roots in the community; as a lifelong resident, parent of three children in the schools, former mayor and current BOE member. He listens and will consider every policy decision with the students’ interest in mind.

They will be champions for our children.

Julie Erickson

Backing Aresimowicz

To the editor:

I have resided in Berlin with my family for many years. I’ve seen legislators come and go. Our current state representative, Joe Aresimowicz, has been well-grounded in the community all of his life.

Joe is not partisan or arrogant or taken with the trappings of the office. He is a solidly middle-class person who works hard to represent his constituents in Hartford.

I have met with Joe over the years on a number of issues. He listens and acts, and I support him fully.

Mark Chasse

Support for Baleshiski

To the editor:

I’ve known Steven Baleshiski, an outstanding young man, for over 10 years. Steven is committed, disciplined and consistently goes the extra mile.

One example is his dedication as a martial artist. Steven focuses on continuous improvement and quickly advanced to black belt.

Steven gives of himself to help others. As a parent of teens who attended classes with Steven, I recognize the value of his mentorship. I’ve witnessed Steven’s interactions with his family and in his civic engagement as a college student.

Steven Baleshiski is inspiring, goal-oriented, courageous and a natural leader. Steve will prove to be a high-impact public servant.

Felecia Scott

Tax burden growing

To the editor:

With House Leader Joe Aresimowicz pushing tax and spend increases for years, Connecticut ranks 49th in state fiscal health. The taxpayer burden of $53,400 per person is an increase of $3,900 from a 2017 report. A person making $50,000 would need a salary increase of almost 9 percent just to break even to pay this increase.

If you want a representative to stand up for you and not the state unions and lobbyists, then vote for Steve Baleshiski.

Brian Callahan

Sold out

To the editor:

Joe Aresimowicz is the architect of economic disaster.

Joe Aresimowicz simply sold us out.

Joe Aresimowicz raised our taxes, and still our per-person debt is the highest in the nation at $53,400.

It's time to say no to Joe and elect someone who will represent us – not tax us.

Dave Rogan

Vote for Joe

To the editor:

The Republican opponent to Joe Aresimowicz is a mystery candidate. A 21-year-old community college student, he has put forward virtually nothing about his experience, background and views.

I don’t have to guess who Joe is. I can go to Sage Park on Friday nights and see him serving as a coach and role model. I can find him at a community forum about a new Community Center thanks to grant money he obtained for Berlin. And I can find him on Veterans Day with Berlin’s other veterans. 

Vote for someone who has spent his life working for Berlin. Vote for Joe.

Gary Brochu

Servingwith distinction

To the editor:

I became aware of some troubling posts that Steve Baleshiski, the Republican candidate for State Representative in the 30th district, had placed on his Facebook page.

Is this who we want representing us in Hartford?

Joe Aresimowicz has served the district well and with distinction as the Majority Leader and now the Speaker of the House.

It is unlikely that Berlin will ever have such prestigious representation again.

Joe has reached across the aisle and worked with his fellow representatives and has served our town and his constituents well. 

Kathleen O’Donnell-Moss

No thanks

To the editor:

I am not in favor of accepting the $750,000 grant secured by Joe Aresimowicz. Our town is not in a financial position to implement whatever plans could be drawn up.

Yes, we would all love to have a community center and improved senior center. We would love to have an indoor swimming pool.

The question is whether or not we can afford them.

Was our upset about taxes, high school construction costs and a new police department all that long ago?

The grant should be released so that a town that can afford to implement plans can benefit from it.

That is not Berlin.

Patricia Jasniewicz

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