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Contractor shop, Lions plans get PZC approval

Contractor shop, Lions plans get PZC approval

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The Planning & Zoning Commission voted to approve two requests at its June 4 meeting. 

An application submitted by local business Superior Heating and Cooling was in regards to operating a contractor’s shop at 600 Four Rod Road. Company president Richard Solek said the business did not seek to modify the building or site in any way and that only two people would work on the premises during a “regular day of business.” Maximum daily traffic, with deliveries to the shop accounted for, is estimated at 15 vehicles per day. 

Economic Development Director Chris Edge voiced his support of the application citing valuable reinvestment opportunities into the town. 

“This is a local family, a local company, that has been in Berlin for a number of years investing in the town,” he said. “A local company is going to be reinvesting in the building, the community, hiring people. So I’m very happy this is here tonight.” 

The commission also saw a request from the Berlin Lions Club seeking approval for its revised 2020 event schedule. This included canceling food truck events for the year and approving an application for a private Sysco employee picnic without a specific event date. 

The picnic, to be held on the Berlin Lions Fairgrounds, was initially proposed for Saturday, July 11. However, current COVID-19 social distancing orders do not allow for gatherings as large as the Sysco picnic requires, leaving organizers with tentative plans as they wait for new guidelines from state officials that may broaden what is allowed. 

“With everything as it is, it’s very hard for these folks to plan events,” said Planning & Zoning Commissioner Diane Jorsey.

“I think we need to help them when we can.” 

The commission voted unanimously to approve the amendment to the Lions’ schedule, therefore allowing the event on the schedule without a specific date.
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