Public hearing scheduled to discuss rezoning next to Ragged Mountain

Public hearing scheduled to discuss rezoning next to Ragged Mountain

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BERLIN — A public hearing during Thursday’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting will allow residents to weigh in on a proposal to rezone land adjacent to the Ragged Mountain trailhead to allow condominiums.

Changing the designation from the existing R-43 zone to the town’s PR-2 zone would allow Shuttle Meadow Country Club, which owns the 146 acres being considered, to go through with a plan to construct a condominium community on West Lane.

The public hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Donald Klepaik, a longtime club member selected to develop the property, said increasing the density of the development would shrink the amount of space needed to make the project viable, reducing the impact on nearby trails and allowing the homes closest to the street to be set back at least 1,000 feet from the road. Under the plan, only 30 of the 146 acres would be developed. The remaining land would be designated as open space.

“We designed the development to have the least possible impact on the land,” he said.

The plan presented at the Oct. 3, 2019 PZC meeting calls for 16 three-unit buildings and 28 detached homes, which would each be on a half acre with a minimum of 35 feet of space between them.

“These homes would not be on top of each other,” said Klepaik.

He compared the plan to the Silver Ridge development off the Berlin Turnpike.

Building a private road and moving the homes back from it would limit their visibility from the trails that criss-cross the town owned land on Ragged Mountain. The road could also include a parking lot where it meets West Lane to allow parking for hikers, which Klepaik said would improve access to the mountain and make it easier for residents to traverse a road that is often congested because of on-street parking.
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