Sun shines on Bob Stein golf outing

Sun shines on Bob Stein golf outing

Timberlin hosted the annual Bob Stein Grandparent Grandchild Outing on Wednesday, July 17.

Timberlin head professional Marc Bayram explains, “Each year at Timberlin Golf Club, we host a golf outing that allows grandparents to bring out their grandchildren for a 9-hole round of golf. It is truly a fantastic event that brings everyone together for an enjoyable day and memories that will last a lifetime.”

The event’s namesake was the driving force behind this yearly inter-generational golf outing.

Stein, a Berlin resident, passed away in 2011.

“Bob was extremely passionate about this event and wanted it to continue long after he was gone,” Bayram said.

“Bob had cancer and was going through chemotherapy when I met him at Timberlin when I started in January of 2011. This event kept him going and meant the world to him.”

Senior Men’s Club Tournament Chair John Rao now runs the event with help from Bayram.

This year, the Bob Stein Grandparent Grandchild Outing drew 40 participants, and per-usual for the event, the weather was perfect.

“Every year since his passing we have had great weather and it wouldn't shock me if Bob had something to do with that,” said Bayram.