Timberlin Golf Course in Berlin opens for first time in February

Timberlin Golf Course in Berlin opens for first time in February

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BERLIN — For the first time in its 50 year history, Timberlin Golf Course opened in February.

Mild winter temperatures allowed the municipal course to open from Saturday to Wednesday. According to head golf professional Marc Bayram, the course had never opened before March. 

“We’re going to reassess when we are reopening, but it looks like next week...we will have our official opening day in the near future,” Bayram said. 

The official opening day is slated for March 7, with a ceremony at 10 a.m. 

The early opening can be attributed to the mild winter temperatures and dry course conditions, Bayram said. A report on Golf.com echoed his statement, reporting golfers from “Ohio to New York” were able to play as early as December. 

“We sent an email out, put it on social media that we were opening and we sold out within 24 hours,” Bayram said. “We had 144 players...I had a wait list of 10 groups that I couldn’t do anything with.” 

Jimmy Green, a Berlin resident, said that playing in February was “great.”

“By opening up the course, it’s income that they never would have had,” he said.

The early opening also comes as the course celebrates its 50th anniversary in July. A celebration featuring two tournaments, a laser light show, food trucks and more is planned. 

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