Council nixes budget proposals

Council nixes budget proposals


At its April 4 meeting, the Town Council rejected the proposed municipal and Board of Education budgets approved by the Board of Finance.

The BOE budget considered by the Town Council totaled $50,555,071. The municipal budget was $50,082,625. The council could have approved the proposals, reduced them by line item or rejected them outright.

The Board of Finance-approved budget numbers represented an increase in funding, but are considerably less than what was requested by the Town Manager and the Board of Education.

“Some of the council felt that the budget was too high, and some felt the BOE number was too low and had to be funded by a higher number as requested by the superintendent,” Town Manager Arosha Jayawickrema said.

“I submitted my town manager’s budget to the Board of Finance, and after that, it's up to the elected officials to do what they want with it,” Jayawickrema said.

Superintendent of Schools Brian Benigni said he hopes “the joint committee looks at the budget and hears what the people have to say about it.”

The Town Council and Board of Finance were to hold a joint meeting on Wednesday, April 12 to hash out new General Government and Board of Education budgets.

Then, on Tuesday, April 25, a town-wide referendum will be held and residents will have their say on the budget proposals.