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BHS students debate assisted suicide

BHS students debate assisted suicide

Berlin High School seniors enrolled in AP/ECE English Literature and Composition drew a large crowd of parents, teachers and fellow students for the course’s annual debate, held over two days in January.

AP English students were tasked with determining the future of assisted suicide in modern societies. The group analyzed assisted suicide through the lens of The Suicide Act of 1961, religion, the Hippocratic Oath, government, free will, and the beliefs of renowned philosophers. 

The students were divided into teams. One group argued in favor of the legalization of assisted suicide, and the other against it, and they spent weeks developing the components of their side’s presentation.

In the end, the team arguing in favor of assisted suicide was declared the winner.

Jason Pires has taught AP/ECE English for more than 20 years.

“Both sides did an outstanding job throughout the two-day debate,” Pires stated. “In particular, I was very impressed with all of the students’ abilities to make rebuttals for eachothers’ arguments using both information they researched as well as using the other teams’ arguments against them when appropriate.”

“Hopefully,” Pires added, “both teams learned a lot about debating the topic under inquiry and, most importantly, themselves.”

Jack Carroll, a Berlin High School senior, participated in the debate. He was joined by Isabella Black, Maria Butrimas, Julia Cocozza, Siobhan Dornfried, Audrey Feldman, Nolan Graca, Daniel Lynch, Andrew Nicoletta, Grace Perkins, Abigail Rochette, Emma Roski, Anna Sarrazin, Jenna Smalley, Dawson Trotman and Isabella Zimber.