Berlin voters make their picks for BOE

On Election Day, Nov. 8, Berlin voters placed two new members on the Board of Education, while reelecting a third.

Six candidates were running for three spots on the non-partisan board, and the top vote-getters were Peter Zarabozo, current BOE member Jaymee Miller and Melissa Gibbons.

Unofficial results show Zarabozo earning 3,200 votes, the most of any BOE candidate.

“In a climate of increased political polarization, I will do what it takes to not let our Board of Education succumb to any political influences and agendas,” Zarabozo stated back in October. “Politics should have no place or any influence on our school system. As an unaffiliated voter, I promise to keep political agendas away from our schools. I am not beholden to the will of a political committee. Instead, I will act in the best interest of our students, families and school system.”

Miller’s vote total was 3,107.

“We have over 2,600 diverse students who all require varying levels of support,” Miller stated during the campaign. “The Board of Education’s duty is to ensure that the school system operates in the best interest to each and every one of these students. This is done through creating and implementing policy as well as ensuring our Superintendent is communicative, respected by staff, parents and students, and that the structure of the school system is representative of our community needs.”

Gibbons had the third-highest vote total among BOE candidates, 3,088.

Prior to Election Day, Gibbons told voters, “There needs to be trust, respect and open communication between students, parents, teachers and administration for students to reach their highest potential. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving our community, and working with the board members, administration, school staff, students and their families to ensure a bright and productive future for our children.”

Falling short in their bid for seats on the Berlin Board of Education were Deborah Reed (2,855), Jessica Patraw (2,845) and Aurora Corteville (1,788).


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