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Local artist earns solo exhibit at Gallery 66

Gallery 66 is pleased to present Open and Shut, an art exhibition of abstract art on windows. This is the first solo show of artist Eddie Hall, of Berlin, featuring works he created over the last two years. These works are uniquely created using recycled windows and exhibit vibrant colors and geometric patterns. The exhibit will be on display through Dec. 30 at Gallery 66, 66 Main St., New Britain.

A self-taught artist, Hall's geometric abstract works draw inspiration from architectural and design themes, and have been featured in shows throughout New England. "If you start looking, you would be surprised how many windows you find discarded by the side of the road," said Hall, a father of two who works full time as an attorney. "I keep finding myself coming back again and again to the visuals I can achieve with acrylic paints on the reverse side of recycled windows. Using this medium, I find that I can represent the bold colors and geometric patterns I gravitate towards. I find enjoyment in the challenge of working the unique character of each window into the piece itself. These works have allowed me to take something discarded and transform it into an item of beauty."

For more information, visit eddiehallart.com/open-and-shut.


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