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Longtime volunteer rewarded

The Robert B. Dornfried Sr. Lifetime Volunteerism Award is handed out annually to an individual "who is dedicated to a lifetime of community volunteerism, civic duty and extraordinary service given unselfishly” to the Town of Berlin. In addition to the recognition, award-winners are given the opportunity to select a charity of their choice to which a donation of $500 from the Berlin Volunteer Fund will be made in their name.

The 2022 Lifetime Volunteerism Award went to Ted Swanson for his longtime support of Berlin baseball; and local non-profit Boxes to Boots was the charity Swanson selected.

As a Robert B. Dornfried Sr. Lifetime Volunteerism Award winner, Swanson’s name joins Dick Benson, Charles Colaresi, Bill Petit, Paul Eshoo and Dave Alkas on a plaque that hangs in the Town Hall rotunda.

Dornfried dedicated many years to volunteer work in Berlin, but was most proud of his military service. A member of the Army, Dornfried served in the Korean conflict, and was awarded a Bronze Star.

To learn more about the Lifetime Volunteerism Award, contact Diane Dornfried at dianedj0559@msn.com.


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