Library to host Courageous Conversations program

How do you respond when a friend or family member starts talking about a political or social issue, and their opinion is the exact opposite of yours?

Do you: Mumble something and walk away as soon as possible? Argue with them because they’re so clearly wrong?

What you may be missing with these responses is an opportunity to build connection.

How can you do that and not go crazy yourself?

Drawing from research and experience, librarians at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library will present Courageous Conversations: Tips and Tricks on Saturday, Feb. 4 at 10:30 a.m. The program will provide tips on determining when to engage in conversation, how to keep things respectful, and why it matters. This course is for everyone; beginners, and experienced conversationalists alike. 

To register for Courageous Conversations: Tips and Tricks, visit or call the library, 860-828-7126.


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