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New sidewalks coming to town

New sidewalks coming to town


Please be advised that the Public Works Department, in conjunction with its contractor PJF Construction Corporation, is commencing work involved with the construction of sidewalks.

The construction will occur along the south side of Farmington Avenue between house No. 1208 eastward to the intersection of Farmington Avenue and No. 14 Patterson Way. Sidewalks will also be constructed from house No. 32 to house No. 104 Newton Street, and along a portion of Langdon Court from New Britain Road to the entrance of the Kensington Woods Condominiums.

This activity, in some instances, will require minor adjustments to landscaping (including the removal of trees and shrubbery) within the Public Right of Way, to accommodate the sidewalk. For those streets with on-street parking, the contractor will need to access the shoulder areas, so please park elsewhere during construction.

Construction was to begin the week of Feb. 27, and work is anticipated to be completed later this spring. Plans depicting the activity along the front of your property are available for review in the Public Works Department (Room 120) at Town Hall. Questions can be directed to the department at 860-828-7022.