Town of Berlin leash ordinance update

In December of 2021, the Town of Berlin passed a new leash ordinance that requires dogs to be always on leashes on public property. This includes all town parks and public sidewalks.

Since this ordinance was put in place, our Animal Control officers have been patrolling areas in town on a daily basis speaking to many residents and educating them on the new leash ordinance. 

Beginning on April 1, 2023, Animal Control Officers will begin issuing Written Warnings to individuals who do not have their dogs on leashes in public property. This includes the meadow area of the Bicentennial Park. Records will be kept of written warnings issued. 

Beginning on May 1, 2023, Animal Control Officers will begin issuing Written Infractions. The fine for violation of this ordinance is $100. You will receive a copy of the infraction and the other copy will be sent to New Britain Superior Court. The court will reach out to you with next steps. This process is the same for other infractions such as, Failure to Vaccinate, Roaming, etc. 

If an individual receives a written warning prior to May 1, the second offense will automatically trigger an infraction, even if the second offense occurs prior to May 1. 

Please remember all tags must be worn and visible on dog collars showing proof of license and rabies vaccination. For more information regarding the ordinance, refer to the town website (Town Code Book).


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