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Community theater ready for curtain call

Community theater ready for curtain call


Residents of a certain age will remember a time when Berlin had a robust community theater churning out annual productions like “Anything Goes,” “Carousel” and “Oklahoma!”

Founded in 1997, Berlin Community Theater, Inc. had a good run. But after 14 years, in 2011, the enterprise ceased to be.

Now, the man who founded the Berlin Community Theater, Chris Cote, along with Caroline Van Austin and Mary Greene, have teamed up to create The Theatre Guild of Berlin.

A press release announcing the formation of the group states, “In the late summer of 2022, Cote received a phone call from his longtime pal Caroline … ‘Now that the pandemic is all but over, don’t you think it’s time for us to get back to community theater in town?’ Cote’s initial response: ‘Absolutely not! Are you out of your mind?’ … ‘But Mary is going to be involved.’ Cote knew of Caroline’s talents and artistry for more years than either of them care to admit, and that Mary was the ultimate organizer. So, after very little convincing, Cote was in. The trio has been planning since the beginning of February.”

The Theatre Guild of Berlin’s first presentation, “The Best of Broadway,” is scheduled to take place in July. Auditions, open to singers age 16 and up, will be held in June.

The Theatre Guild of Berlin expects to bring a multi-generational presentation of “The Nutcracker” to the stage in early December.

The group can be reached at tgb.2023@gmail.com.