Volunteers tend to home of local WWII veteran 

House of Heroes Connecticut volunteers did extensive upgrades at Navy veteran Willie D'Amato's Grove Street home on Saturday, Oct. 2.

Six D'Amato brothers served in World War II, including Willie, who is 95.

Elks Lodge 957 of New Britain, home city of the D'Amato family, sponsored the House of Heroes project.

That same day, House of Heroes volunteers also did work at the Southington home of 50-year-old Frank Russo, who served in the Marines from 1991 to 1994. More than 40 volunteers were expected on the two jobs. 

House of Heroes Connecticut provides no-cost home repairs to military and public safety veterans and/or their surviving spouses who are disabled.

Many veterans haven’t been properly thanked for their contribution, said House of Heroes Executive Director Carol May, and the nonprofit aims to show its appreciation by recognizing service with service.

The state chapter of House of Heroes, which has done work on 152 homes, raises money for supplies and organizes volunteers.

May said House of Heroes can always use volunteers, regardless of one’s skill set. "Everybody can help … we have plumbers, electricians, carpenters,” she said. “And we have people like me — a lay volunteer. I mean I can paint, I can rake, I can mulch. So we're always looking for people that want to help out.”


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