Meet the Candidates: Peter Zarabozo 

I currently serve on our town’s VNA board and as an alternate on the Planning and Zoning commission. It is a privilege and pleasure to serve the town in these capacities.

Now, I am running for a seat on Berlin’s Police Commission.

I am employed as a registered nurse and have been in the field for over 10 years. I have a master’s degree in nursing/education. My experience as a registered nurse has given me the ability to work collaboratively with different professions, perspectives and personas while focusing on a mutual goal.

My goal as a potential member of the Police Commission is to focus on the needs of our police department and community and to work with the police chief, fellow commissioners, and town officials to achieve what is best for our town.

When speaking with residents there have been a few common concerns and themes:

Concerns over property/motor vehicle crimes.

Speeding and other traffic violations that threaten public safety in our neighborhoods.

A general sense of not feeling as safe as they once did in their community.

The remedy to these problems is working together as a community in conjunction with our police force and by supporting our police. Here are some ways to achieve this:

Expanding neighborhood watch programs and community-police relations. A well-connected, strong community is a safe community.

Advocating for adequate and appropriate funding for our police force. Our officers need safe, up-to-date equipment and infrastructure in which to conduct their duties.

Increasing patrol efforts to deter crime and enforce speed/traffic violations that endanger public safety.

Working to retain officers in our department by negotiating a more competitive retirement/401(k) plan for them. Decreasing officer turnover increases efficiency, productivity and safety.

I have always advocated for neighborhood watches and a stronger community. We cannot solely rely on our police officers – we, too, must be the eyes and ears of our community to alert our police to any issues. We need to help them, help us.

I will work diligently to maintain transparency and foster integrity within our police department and its operations.

These are only some of my ideas to bolster our police force and improve public safety within our community. I will always be available to members of our community to listen to their concerns or recommendations in regards to our town and police department.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to implement these ideas and serve the town in this role by electing me on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Thank you to all the residents who have taken time to speak to me about these matters and those who will in the future. It is sincerely appreciated.

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