Meet the Candidates: George Millerd

Why am I a candidate for Berlin's Board of Finance?

I'm running to try and bring our vision (Charter Revision Commission) to fruition. In my opinion the Board of Finance is not operating as envisioned. There is a significant amount of animosity between certain members of the board and between certain members of the Town Council and the board. This is unacceptable. From my perspective, the Board of Finance has poor leadership.

I've been chosen as the Republican candidate to replace Sam Lomaglio on the board. I'm hoping this will bring about a positive change on how all the players interact with one another.

In 2016 I was a Commissioner on the Charter Revision Committee that, upon acceptance through referendum, changed the structure of the Town Council such that the Mayor was an elected position and the make-up of the remaining six council seats could be held by no more than three members of any political party. In addition, we also created the Board of Finance, with six members, from which no more than three can come from any political party.

The intent with the numbers was to try and move away from years and years of dominance by any one party, often resulting in a lot of good ideas never being heard. I truly believe that decisions made affecting the town should rise above local political party squabbling. The premise was that dialogue, where both parties had to listen to each other, would bring about wiser decisions.

We created a Joint Council as an additional barrier to help prevent political party dominance. This council, comprised of the Town Council and Board of Finance members, is for those instances where the Board of Finance is at a stalemate on a particular issue. There are 13 members of the Joint Council. To approve anything, eight must vote affirmative for the item. At least one member of a political party must cross the aisle.

Again, the intent was to force them to listen to eachother. This structure also insures that no one becomes King or Queen of Berlin. Promises of I’ll do this or that are not within the power of any one individual, including the Mayor. It takes a cooperative effort.

This next election cycle ends the first term of the original Board of Finance. Original members of the board are up for reelection or are being replaced. Please support me for the Board of Finance on Nov. 2. Thank you.

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