BRTC: Continue ‘Moving Berlin Forward’

On Nov. 2, I am asking the citizens of Berlin to vote the Republican ticket, Row B.  

Over the past six years, Mayor Mark Kaczynski and the Republican administration have been able to implement positive change for Berlin, and wish to continue the successful growth of our town, even during a pandemic.

The “tax and spend” debt that was left to the Republican majority is close to being paid off. And while doing so, we have been able to maintain and improve the town’s infrastructure, replace outdated and unsafe communication systems for our emergency services, provide the police and fire departments with new equipment and have initiated upgrades to the police station.

Also, the current administration has formed a bipartisan committee to explore the needs, wants and expenses surrounding the proposed Senior/Community Center. Despite what you may have heard, noone can guarantee grants for this project, and grants will not cover the annual costs of maintaining the facility.

The Democrats chose to endorse a Republican for mayor. Sam Lomaglio asked that the BRTC endorse him for Board of Finance, and when that didn’t occur, the Democrats endorsed him for mayor. Do we want someone leading our town who is willing to “change their stripes” so easily?

The current administration has led with integrity and is focused on results for Berlin. Mayor Mark and his team will continue to recruit and attract diverse businesses to Berlin: manufacturing, retail, new technologies, restaurants, and yes, even nail salons and pizza parlors. Variety is what makes Berlin special, and it brings people in to visit us! Compound that with an emphasis on public safety and a premier education system.  

We have experienced many positive changes in town over the past six years. Some are easily seen. Others aren’t, but were necessary.

We respectfully ask the citizens of Berlin to continue to support the Republicans in Moving Berlin Forward.  

Sandra Coppola is
Berlin Republican Town
Committee chair.

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