Residents can be fined for snow, ice violations

The Public Works Department reminds residents of the local ordinances pertaining to the removal of ice and snow from public roadways:

- Property owners are not allowed to shovel, throw or plow ice and snow from private property into, or across, a public street. As noted in the Town of Berlin Municipal Code, these actions are subject to a written warning and/or $100 fine.

- Residents are advised that they are responsible to clear snow and ice from any public sidewalk fronting their property. Sidewalks are to be cleared and/or sanded within 24 hours of the completion of street plowing operations. It is the responsibility of the property owner fronting that sidewalk to make it safe for public travel. Failure to comply will subject the property owner to a written warning and/or $100 fine.

- No Parking Bans become effective automatically – or at the discretion of the Director of Public Works – when there is an accumulation of four inches or more of snow and ice on any street in town. No Parking Bans will terminate no sooner than eight hours after a snowstorm, or as directed by the Director of Public Works. Any vehicle left parked on the street after such No Parking Ban has taken effect, will be towed and the owner subject to a fine and all towing and storage charges.

- Also, residents are reminded that placement of both automated refuse and recycling carts within the roadway, hampering snow removal operations, is a violation of the municipal code and subject to fines. It should also be noted that a $75 per-cart fee will be assessed for the replacement of damaged containers.

The Public Works Department can be reached at 860-828-7022.




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