Resident looks to force Democratic primary

To my friends in Berlin, I am running to seek the Democratic nomination for Mayor of the Town of Berlin. While it would be nice to receive the town committee’s nomination, I fear that will not be feasible. For that reason, I am prepared to petition onto the ballot and let Berlin Democrats pick their candidate in a September primary.

The necessity for change in the town over the past two years has become more apparent, not only to me, but to many in the community I have spoken to. The town government is currently unresponsive and unmoved by the concerns of citizens. Even when issues are presented there is either no response or an immediate brush-off and lack of concern. 

For these reasons and more I am running on a three-pronged platform. 

1.To improve communication within the town government’s elected and appointed boards by getting the chairs together once every quarter to speak on long-term and short-term issues that have arisen, or may arise, so that commissions can better work together as a more cohesive and civically-responsive unit.

1.To hold office hours and be more accessible than any Berlin Mayor has been in over 20 years. I believe being present and accessible isn’t just good policy, it’s the only way a leader knows where the people want to see the town to go.

1.To work closely and as an ally to the Board of Finance. Over the last few terms, the Town Council and the Mayor have been at the throat of the Board of Finance – a co-equal board to the council. This has caused major hostility and lowered the discourse on our most pressing issue each year to a power struggle. This is unacceptable. My administration would seek to not only work on relations with the Board of Finance, but to work co-operatively during the regular year on financial policy to ensure town funds are being best spent to enrich the lives of the people in our beautiful town. 

I will hopefully see you all soon while I’m door knocking/collecting signatures. Feel free to contact me at 860-559-7256 or

Stay safe and God bless!

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