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A registered Republican, and now the Democrats' mayoral candidate, Sam Lomaglio, without authority or working knowledge of the matter, took it upon himself to advise our citizens of emergency protocols in advance of Hurricane Henri’s arrival.

Through a YouTube video which has since been taken down, Lomaglio told residents the wrong emergency shelter locations and at one point advised them to call 9-1-1 for flooded basements.

This was both extremely dangerous and irresponsible.

In an Aug. 5 article in The Citizen, Sam stated: “My philosophy is that I put people first and my ego aside. I believe the people of Berlin are the most important people.”

It’s sad that Mr. Lomaglio chose to politicize an emergency situation in an attempt to circumvent emergency protocols. It proves that his ego –not the people of Berlin – is his motivation for running.

Deputy Mayor
Brenden Luddy

A libertarian prospective


Right-minded libertarians must now advocate for mask wearing. 

I have heard the argument that a libertarian’s rights end “at the tip of your nose.”

I believe that’s true, and I also believe the corollary that those rights go no further.

As an objective society, in my lifetime, we’ve eliminated the right to have lead in pump gas for our cars. We learned that lead introduced into the air will find its way in through the tip of your nose. Once the lead puffed out the exhaust of your 1967 Caprice, you couldn’t control where it went, so Richard Milhous’s administration started to phase out lead in fuel.

The same has been accepted truth with viruses probably since people started sneezing into their hands. Cooties in your lungs would multiply, we learned back in the day, and if you don’t cover your mouth you might make someone else in your second grade classroom sick.

Since we know this as adults, and we can reason that you don’t need to sneeze to release the cooties, we objectively know that exhaling while infected has a small but real chance of violating someone else’s rights in the extreme. An honest libertarian won’t stand for that.

I appreciate that mask wearing is cumbersome and uncomfortable for a lot of us, for a lot of hours. But for those of us who can safely wear masks – including older school children – a mask mandate is needed to preserve our rights right now.

You may feel that taxation to pay for public education violates your rights, and that’s a fair discussion for another time. But for now, if children are going to be in school – and most of us are hopeful they can safely stay there this year – the best way to keep them there is to support mask wearing.

W Kirschner

Desperate act


Many are asking if the “Unmask Our Kids” organization was invited to the Aug. 23 Berlin BOE meeting by the BRTC. The steadfast answer is: No! We did not invite them or encourage them to shout at BOE members.

This is, unfortunately, the desperate act and claim of a party that has no ideas to run on. It would appear the Democrats believe the best thing for them is to start conflict, divide the town and tell outright lies.

We are limited to 100 words, so we encourage you to check out our full response on the Berlin Republican Town Committee Facebook page.

Sandra Coppola,
Berlin Republican
Town Committee chair

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