Letters to the Editor

(The deadline for Letters to the Editor concerning the upcoming election has passed.)

A superior cop


I was present at a retirement celebration for recently-retired Berlin Chief of Police and life-long Newington resident John Klett. It was a night full of love and pride. Chief Klett quite obviously earned the respect of both the police officers and the residents of Berlin; evident by the praise and interesting anecdotes given in his honor – heartfelt and at times with a chuckle or two.

I was fortunate to be an officer with the Newington Police Department during the time that Chief John Klett led the Berlin Police Department and was well aware of his – and the entire Klett family’s – profound impact on the public safety and quality of life in the communities they lived in and served.

With great respect, best wishes to a good friend and superior police officer/chief of police, John Klett.

Fred Callahan, Newington 

Big mistake


I have written letters around our elections before and normally I just ask residents to vote, without endorsing any candidates. Not this time. When I heard that Sam Lomaglio was running for mayor, I knew I would have to try and tell voters to not vote for him.

I have had direct interactions with Sam, and many of you will remember when he first got elected to the Board of Finance. The town doesn't need bully politics, or leaders who speak without the facts. I'm a registered Democrat, but the party made a big mistake in endorsing Sam.

Brian Pskowski

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