Arata: Progressivism is the wrong path

We’ve seen parental outrage over critical race theory lessons being pushed on students by teachers obsessed with interfering in the lives of our youth. There has been justified parental outrage over the competitive fairness and safety of girls in high school sports and we’ve witnessed the sometimes blatant disrespect of parental rights in the morality and sexual education being taught in schools. 

People are angry. Regardless of party affiliation, we all see it and feel it. I want to be part of the change in that temperament and help end that battle, bringing balance to decision-making in Hartford. Legislators must be responsible and accountable to those who have elected them. The tax payers in this state have been taken for granted and maltreated. 

According to the Yankee Institute, in 2021 Connecticut generated revenue from 344 taxes, fees and other sources. Many of those taxes cost more to collect and  administer than were actually taken in. There is something very wrong with excessive taxation. We’ve seen for years the departure of wealth – both individuals and businesses – to states that are far more fiscally responsible. I’m frequently reminded of the tolls debate where the administrative costs associated with paving one mile of highway here in Connecticut was more than nine times higher than the national average.

What are we doing that is so unique? Perhaps it could be we have had total state control by the Democrat Party for 40 years. It’s unhealthy and it’s unbalanced.

However, we the people have allowed this to be the case. This time in our history is unprecedented in its importance. It’s time for people to stand up for our values, institutions, and our way of life — the free-market system — before it’s too late to turn around from the progressive path put forth by our present leadership.

It’s time for the people of Connecticut to demand their government gets its fiscal house in order, as priority No. 1, and begin to actually lessen the financial burden for all tax-paying citizens.

When elected, I will pursue legislation supporting ideas, such as forensic audits of every department, bringing some balance to Hartford and opening up honest, transparent debate on issues where all views are heard and considered. Misguided Democrat-led policy legislation and the inflation it caused has hurt every person living on a fixed income, especially our seniors and the deteriorating middle class.

Personal responsibility and accountability seem to have gotten lost in our present legislative environment.

I believe a smaller government is a stronger government because that means more responsibility and liberty is given back to the individual and not controlled by the State. I will fight to keep local control of zoning and education, where every parent’s rights are actually heard and upheld. 

Recently, I signed the “Contract with Connecticut.” You may read the contract at and see exactly where I stand on the issues. I stand for each individual voice.


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