Veach: Connecticut residents deserve better

If we are to change the trajectory of where this state is headed, we need to take a cold, hard look at – and be honest about – the policies that have continuously held us back.  As a result of rising inflation, state coffers have swollen. This increase in state revenue has come at the expense of hard-working families who have watched as their bottom lines shrink with every fill-up at the gas station, trip to the grocery store, or purchase of any other basic necessity. Returning some of this surplus (by way of a decrease in the income and sales tax) would provide significant long-term tax relief. Permitting policies such as the Truck Tax to go into effect (set for Jan. 1) will only continue to add to this burden, as costs will undoubtedly be passed back onto residents. 

We must also restore residents’ faith in our broken judicial system by providing law enforcement officers with the support they need to keep our communities safe. For far too long we’ve prioritized those who commit crimes over the victims they’ve impacted. By not holding repeat offenders accountable, we're providing them with another opportunity to victimize. Then residents are left wondering why cars, catalytic converters and personal property crimes are all on the rise.

The ironic thing is that the same people who campaign for stronger gun laws also champion laws that allow violent offenders the opportunity to be cleared of these offenses, whether or not they’re remorseful for their crimes. These are the types of policies that continue to erode the safety of our residents and leave law enforcement feeling helpless. We can do better; our residents deserve better.

We need lawmakers who will fight for the taxpayers. We need lawmakers who put the safety of our citizens and our children first.  

The residents of Berlin and Southington know I will always prioritize public safety, supporting our law enforcement officers, and fighting on behalf of the taxpayers.

You have my promise that I will continue that fight. The last thing Connecticut needs is another representative rubber-stamping harmful policies that have led us to where we are today. 


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