Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Vote GOP


As the Mayor of Berlin, I confidently endorse Republican candidates Donna Veach, House 30th District; Lou Arata, House 83rd District; and Senator Gennaro Bizzaro, Senate 6th District. The above candidates understand the serious issues facing the State of Connecticut. They have all pledged no new taxes and will be fiscally responsible with taxpayer funds. They will support public safety in our communities and bring a commonsense approach to make positive changes in state government. I urge all voters to join me and vote for the strong Republican team of candidates on Nov. 3.

Mark Kaczynski
Mayor of Berlin

The clear choice


Democrat candidate for the 30th House District seat, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson, has co-opted conservative ideas for her platform by claiming to support balanced budgets and the police, and to defend the 2nd Amendment. 

Please don't be fooled.

As a member of the Town Council, Ms. Angelico-Stetson has brought forward an anti-gun/2nd Amendment resolution, voted against our No Tolls resolution, and was endorsed in 2019 by "Our Revolution," a Bernie Sanders group that supports sanctuary cities and the New Green Deal, among other radical positions. 

The only clear choice this election for the 30th House seat is Donna Veach. 

Brenden Luddy
Deputy Mayor of Berlin 

Prepared to serve


As a former state representative, it is my pleasure to endorse JoAnn Angelico-Stetson for the 30th Assembly District. JoAnn is prepared to serve the constituents of the 30th District. Her time on the Board of Education and Economic Development Commission, combined with two terms on the Town Council afford her ample experience in representing her constituents. Her career in law office administration will serve her well in the development of new legislation and the day to day running of the General Assembly. Her Lasagna Project -- providing food to seniors during the pandemic -- has shown her first-hand the depth of problems facing our elderly population.

Peter Rosso



Having had the experience and privilege of serving with JoAnn Angelico-Stetson on the Berlin Board of Education, I strongly support her as the 30th District State Representative for Berlin and Southington. 

JoAnn is hardworking, prepared, unfailingly honest and ethical in all her dealings. She listens to all arguments and evidence before coming to a solid, fair conclusion. JoAnn also has the rare quality of always being civil and courteous to everyone and never forgets she is in office to represent all citizens. We would be very fortunate to have JoAnn representing us.

Gary Brochu

Strong leader


JoAnn Angelico Stetson, a homeowner, single mother and grandmother knows our property tax system is flawed. She knows that now is the time to lower property taxes and that cutting waste and streamlining government services is imperative to providing Connecticut residents with the quality of life we deserve.

JoAnn believes increasing state taxes has not improved how the government works for our families’ quality of life. As State Representative, JoAnn will make certain Connecticut is managed better and provides immediate, much-needed relief to our families. Now more than ever, Berlin and Southington need JoAnn’s strong leadership at the Capitol.

Jim McDermott

Voting Veach


There are two choices for State Representative for the 30th District. The Republican candidate is Donna Veach and the Democrat candidate is JoAnn Angelico-Stetson. Donna is a gun owner and has been permitted to carry for 40 years. She is an avid, lifetime hunter; an activity she enjoys with her entire family.

The clear choice as to who will uphold the 2nd Amendment and vote to protect the rights of law abiding gun owners is Donna Veach. She has been endorsed by the NRA and received a PRO 2A rating from the CCDL. My vote is with Veach!

Lou Zucchi

Where’s Cathy?


Where in the world is Representative Cathy Abercrombie? Have you ever seen her? What has she done? Do we have any idea? Name one reason why any of us in District 1 (Willard School) or District 4 (Senior Center) should vote for her. Other than ribbon cuttings and photo ops, Abercrombie is MIA in Berlin. Here's a couple things she has done: Raised your taxes, released criminals early and advocated for tolls. Do any of those "votes" put money in your pocket? Make you safer? Lou Arata supports our police, and has given his word: No higher taxes and no tolls. Vote Arata on Nov. 3.

Scott Veley



I’m very pleased that Donna Veach, candidate for State Representative, actively supports our police by opposing portions of the Police Accountability Bill. She submitted testimony against the Police Accountability Draft LCO Bill #3471. You can read her testimony on her Facebook campaign page.

It’s great to see that the Berlin and Southington police unions have endorsed Donna, demonstrating their confidence in her support for law enforcement.

The Southington union’s endorsement letter stated “Donna Veach will fight for the residents of Southington and Berlin and make Public Safety of the towns a priority.”

I support Veach for State Representative.

Nina DeDominicis

Reelect Larson


As a former educator, I have always investigated candidates’ accomplishments and beliefs in regards to educating our youth.

John Larson was a teacher and his political career started on the Board of Education in East Hartford.

Just recently he tried to obtain funding for Head Start programing in the greater Hartford area; all the way up to college-age students. Also, he has taken Education Commissioner Betsy DeVos to task about her trying to deny debt relief to students defrauded by predatory non-profit colleges.

Our country needs a positive voice in Washington. Your vote for John Larson will mean honesty and care for America and continued good progress for our state and district.

Tony D’Angelo
Southington Democratic Town Committee

She’s ready


During these difficult times, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson is the most qualified person to serve as our State Representative. Local public service is a huge ask of anyone. Having served on the Berlin Board of Education for numerous terms myself, I understand the commitment it takes to be effective for our families and community. JoAnn already serves the Town of Berlin well and has for the past several years. Her leadership experience is invaluable. As a second term town councilor, former Board of Education member and Economic Development commissioner, she is deeply committed to doing the best for Berlin and Southington. 

Kathy Moss 



The next representative for the 30th House District needs to be committed, experienced, passionate about the causes she supports, and dedicated to serving the needs of the citizens whom she represents. Possessing all of those qualities, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson should be that representative.

She is unquestionably the person who should represent us in the 30th District. As we reel from the COVID-19 pandemic, she will—in addition to her other responsibilities—make the economy, unemployment, tax relief and healthcare protection her top priorities.

JoAnn is the person for the people, and I give her my heartiest endorsement.

Debra Caswell

We need JoAnn


We need a vocal advocate, bipartisan collaboration and proven leadership as State Representative for the 30th District. We need JoAnn Angelico-Stetson. JoAnn’s tenure on the Board of Education and Economic Development Commission, and as a two-term town councilor taught her how government works and how things get done. JoAnn doesn’t follow the dictates of party politics and she’s not afraid of questioning the status quo to move things forward for Berlin and Southington. JoAnn is a staunch advocate for families, jobs, education, the police, and making our state a business-friendly environment, all vital parts of Connecticut’s successful future. I vote JoAnn!

Ryan Erickson

Backing Democrats


As a Republican, I am proud to endorse Democratic candidates Rick Lopes and Cathy Abercrombie. Both candidates have proven that they are the right choice to represent the citizens of our town. Ms. Abercrombie has represented our district well; we need her to continue the progress she has made in the House. Mr. Lopes has the experience and intelligence to lead us into the future. While unable to vote for her, I also endorse JoAnn Angelico Stetson, who will bring a broad base of knowledge to the House.

Eric Cope



Those of us fortunate to live in the 83rd District are lucky to have a true leader represent us in Hartford. Cathy Abercrombie combines integrity, intelligence, common sense, compassion, and this vital ability: She listens and cares deeply for all of us. Please vote to re-elect her.

Jim McNair




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