Cheshire Crossfit moving to new location

Cheshire Crossfit moving to new location

By Mariah Melendez

CHESHIRE – Crossfit Cheshire has received Planning and Zoning Commission approval to move to a new location.

Josh Colburn, owner of Crossfit Cheshire, plans to move to the building behind Rossini’s Italian Restaurant and Pizza, at 51 Railroad Ave. The proposal was approved at a meeting late last month.

“We (Crossfit Cheshire) focus on smaller, more personal workout classes and fitness training,” Colburn said. “I want to move into that location in order to maximize the quality of time I get with my clients, and it will allow me to be able to take on more personal-training clientele.”

Crossfit Cheshire is currently located at 360 Sandbank Road. It opened in 2010.

Crossfit is marketed as a branded fitness regimen that combines physical exercise and competitive fitness sports such as weightlifting and gymnastics.

With the move to the new facility, Colburn hopes to focus more on his individual training classes and less on larger, group classes. Although Colburn says his personal training classes tend to have no more than six attendees, PZC members Jeff Natale, Louis Todisco and Woody Dawson were concerned about whether appropriate parking would be available at the new location. 

“It is important that you work with the surrounding businesses to figure out (the) parking,” Natale said during the Nov. 25 meeting. “We don’t want to interfere with people trying to get on the (linear) trail or (to) Rossini’s.”

“I would recommend limiting the staff parking to the back or the gravel lot on the side in order to keep all six spaces available for your customers.” Todisco added. 

“While I have some concerns about the parking situation — you will have to police the parking yourself — I do support this.” Dawson said. 

Despite the parking concerns, the proposal passed unanimously. There is no official grand opening scheduled at Colburn’s new location yet.