Cheshire town councilors weigh in on Capitol insurrection 

Cheshire town councilors weigh in on Capitol insurrection 

CHESHIRE — The riot at the United States Capitol building left many Americans feeling uneasy and upset. Many Cheshire residents took to writing their Town Council representatives to express their feelings, and at a meeting earlier this month, those concerns were addressed. 

“This is something that has been weighing heavily on all of our minds since last Wednesday,” said Council Chair Rob Oris. “I’m deeply saddened by what occurred. I’m sure we all watched in disbelief as the people’s chambers were overrun in the name of so-called patriotism. It was most certainly not patriotism in my opinion, and I expect those involved, or those who incited their actions, to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Oris went on to explain how, since the incident, residents from both parties have contacted him expressing their concern about the events that unfolded, and how they must be publicly condemned.

“This despicable act and the numerous other violent events which have occurred across the country over the past many months threatens our democracy and only deepens the divisiveness that’s so prevalent across our country today,” he continued. “I talk to people on an everyday basis and I think the biggest thing that is weighing on everyone’s mind is the divisiveness that we see with our friends and neighbors throughout this country, and it needs to change.”

Oris added that although many residents may have different opinions, personal attacks and violence have no place in Cheshire or in the United State’s democratic system.

Oris then opened up the floor for other Councilors to express their concerns or opinions about what happened.

“As the unnamed minority leader … I would like to thank the residents that we’ve heard from who have voiced their outrage over the events that took place last Wednesday in our nation’s Capitol,” said Councilor Peter Talbot, one of two Democrats on the Council and the longest-serving. “I can assure you that there is not an individual on this Council that condones what happened … as shocking and as sickening as it was to watch those scenes (of insurrection at the Capitol), it was sadly not surprising.”

Talbot went on to criticize President Trump for peddling lies about the recent election.

“Despite a lack of any evidence and losing over 60 court challenges, the White House persisted in their lies,” he added, “whipping their supporters into the frenzy that culminated in the horrific acts of violence that took place at the Capitol. These people should not be called Americans, and are certainly not patriots.”

Town Councilor Sandy Pavano also shared her feelings about the incident. 

“… I’m appalled and disgusted at the violence in Washington, D.C. Violence has no place in our society,” she began. “Now more than ever we must work together and respect our differences. We are better than this and must do everything we can to protect our democracy.”

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