Cheshire Town Council leadership remains the same

Cheshire Town Council leadership remains the same

CHESHIRE – Town Councilors were sworn in for the new term and selected leaders this week.

On Tuesday night, Democrat Jim Jinks (Second District) and Republicans Don Walsh (Third District) and David Borowy (At-Large) all took their seats to begin their first term on the Council.

As is customary, the first item of business was to nominate a chairman, which longtime Republican Councilor Tim Slocum was eager to do.

“I want to nominate my colleague and dear friend Rob Oris as chairman once again,” he said. “I believe he has done an exceptional job...and will continue to do so. He continues to be a strong voice for Cheshire and the town is better for it.”

With no other nominations or objections to Slocum’s motion, Oris, by unanimous vote, was once again named Council chairman.

“I never want to assume anything,” Oris said, “but I am greatly humbled that I get the opportunity to continue to serve this town and its people. I hope I can meet your expectations.”

Next item on the agenda was to nominate and appoint a vice chairman, with Slocum and First District Republican David Veleber both voicing their support for fellow Republican Paul Bowman to continue his position.

As was the case with Oris,  no other nominations or objections were raised, and Bowman  received unanimous support from his colleagues.

“I really appreciate this opportunity,” Bowman added. “This will be my 14th year (total on the Council) and I am looking forward to dealing with the issues that face us.”

After chairman and vice Chairman were determined, Oris spoke.

“We have an exciting year ahead of us,” he said. “And I am beyond excited to start working with these individuals, some of whom I have known for a while and some I have not, on the issues that we face as a town.”

After the review of the Town Council rules and procedures, the next item on the agenda was for the members to receive their committee assignments, announced by Oris.

“We tried to be as fair as possible when assigning everyone,” he explained. “We wanted to take into account where people may have some expertise and where people had expressed a particular preference.”

Some of the assignments went to the new members, including Walsh being named the new chairman for the Solid Waste Committee as well as liaison for the Prison Advisory committee. Jinks and Borowy were named to the Budget committee, and Jinks has been tapped as the new liaison to the Town Beautification Committee.