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Cheshire woman pursues modeling career 

Cheshire woman pursues modeling career 

CHESHIRE – While attending Monmouth University (New Jersey) in 2013, Cheshire’s Erica Larson, like countless college students around the country, was focused on finding a career path .

To her surprise, Larson may have discovered that path outside the classroom, with a look she sees in the mirror everyday.

After being booked in fitness videos, television, and film, Larson has seen her life change dramatically over the last six years while in the modeling industry. With hard work and the help of multiple agencies, Larson has participated in shoots for cosmetic products, swimwear, sunglasses, activewear, and intimate clothing.

“I started doing shoots and one thing led another. Doing the videos and film allowed me to get comfortable in front of the camera and opened the door to the modeling world,” said Larson, a 2012 Cheshire High School graduate.

Larson recently had the chance to display her talents during Miami Swim Week in July.

“It is a social event for the whole industry,” and Larson. “You get to meet other models and agents.”

This year, Larson did photo shoots with Bleu Rod Beattie, Jessica Simpson Swimwear, Red Carter Swimwear, and Silvia Ulson. She had previously worked with those brands.

Growing up in Cheshire, Larson didn’t consider modeling until she went off to Monmouth. While working out at the gym in February 2013, she was approached by a fitness instructor about appearing in a local workout DVD. As the spokesperson for the shoot, she answered questions about staying in shape while in college and also performed exercises.

After finishing school that year, Larson participated in a workout video at Rutgers University (New Jersey) and also appeared in a U.S. Open tennis commercial.

To end an eventful summer, Larson transitioned into the world of TV and movies. For films, she was booked as an extra in the Lifetime movie “The Santa Con,” and “Irrational Man.” Melissa Joan Hart and Wendy Williams starred in “The Santa Con,” while Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix led the cast of “Irrational Man,” directed by Woody Allen.

“That experience taught me a lot about being poised on set,” recalled Larson. “I didn’t realize how many shots are taken (in a session) and all of the different angles.”

Larson also worked on the set of the television show “Royal Pains.”

“Looking back on it, I think it was good experience to get on set and build my resume,” reflected Larson. “I don’t see myself taking the acting route, but you never know what will happen down the road.”

In a memorable experience back in April, Larson got to work in the same Maybelline shoot as models Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid.

“It can be hard (to model with big names) because you are star-struck and you are not supposed to show it,” explained Larson. “Adriana is someone who I’ve looked up to for years.”

In September, she’ll fly out to Wisconsin to work at Kohl’s headquarters.

“It is great to find someone who likes you because they continue to book you for more things,” said Larson.

Along with modeling, Larson has started her own holistic health coaching business.

Through the website www.ericalarsonlife.com, she also runs a blog on fitness topics.

“I’m still building it up,” said Larson. “I’ve hosted events in New York and Connecticut.”

Larson chose to transfer from Monmouth to Quinnipiac University to study business management. After graduation, she earned her Nutritional Certification.

“As a health coach, I’ve learned how to maintain my body,” explained Larson. “When I show up for a modeling job, I need to be the person that they hired me to be. Living a healthy lifestyle also cuts back on the pressure.”

Our CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE is free, but producing it is not. Please help keep our newsroom on the job by subscribing now.

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