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Cheshire purchases property for trail parking

Cheshire purchases property for trail parking

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CHESHIRE – The Town Council approved $160,000 for the purchase of a Railroad Avenue property that could be used for more trail parking.

Council member said the purchase is contingent on an inspection of the house at 55 Railroad Avenue, which will likely be torn down to create up to a dozen additional parking spaces. 

Peter Talbot, a Democratic councilor, said trail parking is the current proposal for the land.

“Even if you’re taking (the house) down, you want to make sure there’s nothing in there that will cost a lot to dispose of,” Talbot said.

Tim Slocum, a Republican councilor, agreed with Talbot.

“It’s strictly parking, that’s really the need,” he said.

Town Economic Development Coordinator Jerry Sitko said trail is heavily used and that there are only 12 spaces designated for the trail in the West Main Street area.

Demolishing the 19th-century home would provide 10 or 12 more spaces, according to Slocum.

Funds for buying the land will come from the town’s land acquisition account.

Town records indicate the property is owned by Dorothy Metzler.

Talbot said the trail is a benefit to town residents, particularly since it runs the entire length of the town.

“That trail is such a great piece now,” he said. “Having the whole thing completed, where you can bike or walk one end of town to the other, it’s amazing.”

Additional parking could be the latest in a number of West Main Street upgrades that also include a streetscape project, sidewalk extensions, the Ball & Socket Factory renovation and the pedestrian crossing system for the trail.

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