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Cheshire school board gets update on remote learning

Cheshire school board gets update on remote learning

CHESHIRE — The Board of Education held a virtual meeting recently to give residents an update on remote learning and the school district’s overall response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“It has been a Herculean effort to get this District from traditional brick-and-mortar learning to remote learning in a few days, and we expect for there to be some challenges, but overall we’ve done, and continue to do, a very impressive job,” said Board of Education Chair Tony Perugini.

The meeting began with a report from Superintendent of Schools Jeff Solan, who thanked staff for their hard work and support. 

Solan said the status of Cheshire High School’s proms and commencement is up in the air.

“We are looking into options to have graduation done remotely, and are speaking with vendors to see if it is at all possible to hold prom in June,” he said at the March 26 meeting. “I understand that these aren’t ideal situations, but this is what we have to work with.”

Solan mentioned that it may be possible to live-stream graduation, although he is unsure about the logistics at this time.

Assistant Superintendent Marlene Silano provided the board with the results of a survey that was sent to Cheshire families asking for feedback on the effectiveness of online learning.

“The overall response from families is very positive,” Silano said. “Most families feel that they are receiving the appropriate amount of support and communication from their child’s teachers, and they feel as if the work that has been given was appropriate given the circumstances.”

While Silano did mention that there are some challenges to remote learning — like the lack of individualized instruction — overall, the students in the district are succeeding.

After Silano’s report, the school district’s Chief Operating Officer Vin Masciana gave an update on how the free meal service at Dodd Middle School, which feeds over 600 families, is going.

“We have been able to get funds from the USDA in order to continue this program and have breakfast and lunch available to our students. This is the first time Cheshire has ever done anything like this, and we’ve been very successful,” he said.

If you have questions regarding the Board of Education’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, email