Cheshire teen forges new career in the modeling industry

Cheshire teen forges new career in the modeling industry

CHESHIRE — Ever since she was young, Neve Stanziale has felt a special energy in acting and singing on stage. While the teen admits to being nervous before every audition or activity, Stanziale quickly loses herself in the performance and focuses on her passion.

“Being on camera or stage has the same affect on me. It makes me feel alive,” said Stanziale. 

After participating in plays, including musicals, the Cheshire High School sophomore is now doing professional modeling.

“You can express yourself with your face, makeup, and hair,” said Stanziale. “A lot of modeling comes from acting. You need to have so much emotion in your pictures.”

In April, the 15-year-old signed her first contract with MMG-New York, a model, talent, celebrity, and influencer management company.

She feels that her performance background has helped her in front of the camera. After first taking voice lessons at age 7, she sang with the United Girls’ Choir for five years. She has also performed two musicals every year since she was 8.

She appeared in a production at the Hole in the Wall Theatre in New Britain at age 10. As a freshman, she acted in a performance of “Antigione in Munich” last fall. In the spring, she was cast in “Beauty and the Beast” but the musical was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

English Teacher Dawn DeMeo, who worked on both shows, liked how Stanziale used her experience to take on a leadership role during rehearsals.

“She is super positive,” said DeMeo. “She is really good at taking feedback.” 

“I feel great for her,” added DeMeo about her new career in modeling. “She is super poised and mature. I think she can handle managing her responsibilities.”

Stanziale’s interest in modeling and commercials grew over the years. Back in 2018, she went to Boston to participate in a performance bootcamp.

In one of the activities, participants were given 15 minutes to learn a script and then film a commercial spot.

“We watched it back and got tips on if we needed to speak louder, for instance,” explained Stanziale. “It was a growing experience.”

At the beginning, Stanziale was nervous because half of the participants had already done commercials before and were just looking to hone their craft.

“After my first practice, I knew that I loved it and wanted to keep going,” she said.

While scrolling through the internet in March, she saw an ad from MMG and decided to contact them. In her submission, she sent head shots that had been taken last September by Staci Miller Photography in Cheshire.

On June 23, Stanziale went to New York City for her first project.

“The photo shoot was four hours and when you love something, the time flies by,” she said.

Stanziale is happy that her agency still wants her to attend high school in Cheshire.

“MMG wants to make sure that you are a well-rounded kid,” she said. “They will book things around normal school hours.”

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, Stanziale hasn’t been asked to travel beyond New York City yet, but she expects her schedule to pick up soon.

“When everything opens back up, I want to do commercials and ad work,” she said. 


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