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Cheshire woman dies from stab wounds suffered in domestic assault

CHESHIRE — A woman placed on life support Wednesday after police say she was stabbed by her husband has died.

Monica Dominguez, of 780 Mountain Road, was found in her home with 20 to 30 stab wounds. An 11-year-old child present during the incident was not injured.

Her husband, Emanual Dominguez-VillaGomez, 31, was charged Wednesday with first-degree assault, risk of injury to a minor, first-degree reckless endangerment, and first-degree unlawful restraint. He appeared in Meriden Superior Court Friday and is being held on $1 million bond.

Police received two 911 calls reporting the assault around 8:35 p.m. In the second, no one spoke but the 11-year-old could be heard screaming and crying in the background, according to an arrest warrant.  Police used 911 GPS software to trace the call.

When police arrived they saw Monica Dominguez on the floor in a pool of blood and a large amount of blood splattered on the walls, the warrant said. Emanual Dominguez-VillaGomez unlocked the door and allowed police to enter.

Police found several knives on the foyer floor and a knife in the kitchen. The woman told police that her husband tried to kill her because, “He say, I cheated on him,” the warrant said. She was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury. Doctors found her throat had been cut from side to side and that she had suffered 20 to 30 stab wounds, the warrant said. .

Dominguez-VillaGomez had several cuts, was covered in blood, and had deep lacerations on his wrists. According to the warrant, cuts to his neck were superficial. He told police his wife attacked him first. Dominguez-VillaGomez did not sustain cuts to his palms or the backs of his hands, which are common defensive knife wounds, the warrant said. He was treated and transported to a separate area hospital.

The 11-year-old told police that he heard arguing from the first floor, saw his stepfather choking his mother and noticed blood on the floor, the warrant said. The child called 911 with a cell phone, the warrant said.

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