Cheshire officials get first look at $14.8M Bartlem Park plan 

Cheshire officials get first look at $14.8M Bartlem Park plan 

CHESHIRE —  The Town Council this week got a look at a $14.87 million plan for the Bartlem Park South project, complete with a synthetic turf field, Town green, and “great lawn.” 

The proposal was presented by Ryan Chmielewski, a representative from Weston & Sampson design firm, at a special council meeting Wednesday. It laid out a vision for the former Chapman property purchased by the town in 2016 for $3 million. In addition to the turf field and “great lawn” — circular in design with trees acting as a border — the plan calls for softball and baseball fields, a town pavilion, an outdoor entertainment venue, a splash pad, and a playground.

The area will also include walking trails and a “memorial walk.”

The plan comes after Chmielewski and John Gawlak, Parks and Recreation Department director, held multiple sessions with the public to gauge interest and take suggestions from residents.

“This plan is really a result of what we heard at our community engagement meetings,” Chmielewski said during the meeting. “We tried to make sure everyone’s voices were heard. We heard from the environmentalists who wanted a ‘do-nothing’ plan—we (listened to) neighbors who showed great concern (about) the backfield and lights, so they are not right up against bordering properties.

“There was a strong desire to keep the community gardens in this location,” he added, “and also...sports and rec people, to address some of their needs as well.”

The proposal calls for the project to be completed in stages. The first would cost approximately $6 million and include the synthetic turf field, the “great lawn,” as well as expanded parking, field lighting, and the memorial walk.

“One of the biggest components of this is giving the town something that it's lacking right now, which is a dedicated Town Green,” Chmielewski explained. “(The Town) can program and run functions that fits (the town’s) needs without having to get permission from the (First Congregational Church).”

Currently, the community uses the area in front of First Congregational as a defacto Town Green for events like the holiday tree lighting.

While the plan features many new items that had been requested during the public planning stage, Councilor David Borowy expressed concern over the recommendation to remove a softball field —Bartlem currently has two and the plan calls for the elimination of one.

“We tried to assess the need and we learned that Cheshire already has enough softball fields for their current enrollment,” Chmielewski answered. 

“And there is more of a need to have an additional football and lacrosse field than a softball (field),” added Gawlak. 

Councilor Don Walsh questioned whether there would additional costs associated with the amphitheater section.

“For the amphitheater, do we have appropriate PA systems and music set up for something like that?” he asked. 

While Chmielewski explained that additional items such as a PA system and speakers are not included in the initial plan, Town Manager Sean Kimball added that it would be a good idea to consider such additions given the lack of electrical power access at the park.

“For things like the Fall Festival, we have had issues accessing power out there,” said Kimball. “It would make sense if, when we do get to that phase, that we look in to where we can access power over there”

Chairman Rob Oris expressed his overall excitement, despite the daunting costs associated with it.

“It does initially look like a big number,” Oris admitted. “But the fact that we can phase it over a period of time is what's important. I think it’s important that we have a road map knowing where we’re going and that each phase fits into the next.”

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